30 November 2007

Friday at the Library

Friday afternoon at the library. It's quiet.

I'm heading off to Hattiesburg after work. My mother wants me to help my stepfather move some things. Apparently they're hosting some sort of shindig in a few days, and she wanted me to be there to help out Saturday morning.

And I had planned to get some sleep. I had thought about going to the Operation Shoestring benefit, but my mother's plans derailed mine. Oh well.

A friend of mine who works for a newspaper asked me if I could cover an event in Jackson on Monday, and I can. The timing actually works out for me, so I will.

I'm thinking about dropping by either Taylorsville or Laurel on the way to Hattiesburg. I'd like to catch either the Tartars or Tornadoes play. I've seen the Tornadoes play this season. I've not seen the Tartars.

29 November 2007

2007 Football Playoff Predictions, Week IV

Last week, I went 17-7 in my predictions. I am now 105-37. Here are my predictions for this week:

MHSAA Class 5A


Olive Branch (Region 1 2nd) at South Panola (Region 1 1st)
George County (Region 4 1st)
at Meridian (Region 3 1st)

MHSAA Class 4A

3-1. I missed the Whippets' upset win over West Point.

Kosciusko (Region 4 4th) at Noxubee County (Region 4 2nd)
Moss Point (Region 7 1st) at Laurel (Region 5 1st)

MHSAA Class 3A

3-1. I missed Corinth again.

Corinth (Region 1 3rd) at Louisville (Region 2 1st)
Raleigh (Region 5 2nd) at Franklin County (Region 7 3rd)

MHSAA Class 2A

2-2. I missed Simmons and Enterprise.

West Bolivar (Region 3 1st) at Hollandale Simmons (Region 4 2nd)
Enterprise Clarke (Region 7 3rd) at Taylorsville (Region 7 1st)

MHSAA Class 1A

3-1. I picked Mount Olive to beat Weir, and they didn't. Sorry Andy, but I'm picking the Lions to lose again.

East Webster (Region 1 1st) at Ray Brooks (Region 2 1st)
Puckett (Region 4 1st) at Weir (Region 3 1st)

Edit Note: Apparently, the Clarion-Ledger website had the wrong location for the Puckett-Weir game yesterday.


1-1. Missed the Marshall win.

Marshall (District 1 1st) vs. Centreville (District 5 1st)

MPSA Class A

1-1. Missed the Bayou win.

Bayou (District 2 2nd) vs. Glenbrook (District 6 1st)

The Hammer of Hell

The guys at Pretty Fakes like to write about comics, and while I've not written much about the subject I've got a pretty healthy appreciation of the artistry and storytelling involved. One of my favorite series when I was younger was Enemy Ace.

I like to borrow books from other libraries for myself, which means that for the past few days I've been in possession of Enemy Ace: War Idyll and Enemy Ace: War in Heaven.

While I don't know what to make of Hans von Hammer's nonstandard World War II aircraft, I do like the cameo made by Sgt. Rock and Easy Company in War in Heaven, and War Idyll's artwork is awesome.

27 November 2007


I'm at the Cups in the Quarter. I'm relaxing for a little while.

I thought about going to Pub Quiz tonight, but my pla C called a few hours ago. He's in Jackson for a couple days and we're going to get a bite to eat. Not that there's anything wrong with Hal & Mal's, but he's in the mood for steak.

I'm getting back to the swing of things at work. I've been working on one project, and my dean asked me yesterday to do a presentation in a couple months related to the continuing education sessions I've done this semester.

I like to take a look at the job sites. Here's an interesting job opening. I've not been to New Mexico in years. I don't know if I would want to be in Los Alamos though, but at least it's not Guantanamo.

Tuesday Afternoon Links

Ole Miss has hired Houston Nutt to be their football coach. It's a good hire for the Rebels in that he's certainly better than Ed Orgeron as far as managing the game.

Trent Lott is resigning his Senate seat. And it was reported on Six Pack Speak on Sunday night.

Wizard Entertainment has named the 50 greatest fictional weapons of all time. Some good choices there.

MSU will be taking bowl ticket orders this coming Monday. A lot of friends I know prefer that the Bulldogs go to Nashville to the Music City Bowl, and that's certainly a possibility. We'll see what happens though.

26 November 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend Notes

I'm back at work and in a post-Thanksgiving stupor. The past few days were fun.

Thursday was a busy day. I had made plans to go to Starkville to visit my pla C that evening and TD invited me to have lunch with his family, so I did both. I left Hattiesburg Thursday morning after watering plants and arrived shortly before lunch started. TD's family and friends are great people. I had an excellent time.

After doing some errands at my place, I headed up to Starkvegas. I had a great time visiting with C and his family that night. The next morning, C and I bought cowbells at The Lodge before we walked to the football game.

Yes. Walked to the football game.

The first 50 minutes of the game wasn't fun, but that's why it's a 60-minute game at the collegiate level. We were happy MSU came back to win.

Before I headed back down to Hattiesburg, I was invited to dinner at C's in-laws. Great people. We saw most of LSU's loss to Arkansas. After the game, I headed down to Hattiesburg.

I pretty much slept for most of Saturday. I didn't even try to go to the USM-Arkansas State game. Perhaps I should have, considering that USM is making a change in their head coaching position. I'm not particularly surprised Bower is leaving. I'd heard rumblings to that effect for quite some time, but I thought he'd still be around for at least another 2-3 years.

Anyway, between the cold weather and me being preoccupied with Ole Miss firing Ed Orgeron, I didn't feel like leaving the house. However, I was content with watching (and enjoying the result of) the Clemson-South Carolina game.

And now I'm back at work.

21 November 2007

2007 Football Playoff Predictions, Week III

Last week, I went 36-14 in my predictions. I am now 88-30, which is not as good as I was doing at this time last year. Here are my predictions for this week.

MHSAA Class 5A

5-3. I failed to take into account the relative suckiness of District 2-5A when compared to 1-5A schools. I cannot believe Clinton lost. Madison Central has been uneven, on the other hand, so a loss by the Jaguars wasn't that unexpected. I also missed Ocean Springs' win.

South Panola (Region 1 1st) at Tupelo (Region 1 3rd)
Olive Branch (Region 1 2nd) at Starkville (Region 1 4th)
Ocean Springs (Region 4 2nd) at Meridian (Region 3 1st)
Oak Grove (Region 3 2nd) at George County (Region 4 1st)

MHSAA Class 4A

6-2. I missed an upset pick of West Lauderdale to win. I also missed Noxubee County's win.

Noxubee County (Region 4 2nd) at Itawamba AHS (Region 1 1st)
West Point (Region 4 1st) at Kosciusko (Region 4 4th)
Laurel (Region 5 1st) at West Jones (Region 5 4th)
Picayune (Region 8 1st) at Moss Point (Region 7 1st)

MHSAA Class 3A

6-2. I missed Corinth and Tylertown's wins.

Louisville (Region 2 1st) at Ripley (Region 1 1st)
Aberdeen (Region 2 3rd) at Corinth (Region 1 3rd)
Franklin County (Region 7 3rd) at Newton County (Region 5 1st)
Tylertown (Region 7 4th) at Raleigh (Region 5 2nd)

MHSAA Class 2A

5-3. I missed the wins by Simmons, South Delta, and Philadelphia.

Hollandale Simmons (Region 4 2nd) at Baldwyn (Region 1 1st)
South Delta (Region 4 1st) at West Bolivar (Region 3 1st)
Philadelphia (Region 5 1st) at Enterprise Clarke (Region 7 3rd)
Taylorsville (Region 7 1st) at North Forrest (Region 8 1st)

MHSAA Class 1A

6-2. Missed wins by Mound Bayou and Greenville St. Joseph.

Mound Bayou JFK (Region 2 2nd) at East Webster (Region 1 1st)
Ray Brooks (Region 2 1st) at Greenville St. Joseph (Region 2 3rd)
Mt. Olive (Region 4 2nd) at Weir (Region 3 1st)
Durant (Region 3 2nd) at Puckett (Region 4 1st)

MPSA Class AAA Division I

1-0. Prep came bacl to win the title.

MPSA Class AAA Division II

0-1. Washington was an upset pick of mine to win, and well, the Generals lost.



Winston (Wild card 1st) at Marshall (District 1 1st)
Centreville (District 5 1st) at Trinity Episcopal (District 3 1st)

MPSA Class A

3-1, and my one miss was my preseason pick to win MPSA Class A, Central Hinds.

Bayou (District 2 2nd) at Briarfield (District 2 1st)
Huntington (District 6 2nd) at Glenbrook (District 6 1st)

Pre-Turkey Day Notes

Today was a quiet day here in Hattiesburg. When I woke up, I called the MSU ticket office and purchased two tickets for the Egg Bowl.

I talked to Pezgirl last night to see if she and her boyfriend were going to travel down 49 to the coast. They're not. Oh well.

I've not done much else today. It rained, which is good news for me because that means I don't have to water the outside plants.

However, I do have to water the plants that are inside, and I'll water them tomorrow morning before I head off to Starkville by way of Jackson where I've got a lunch invitation.

Afterwards, I'm off to Clinton to get my mail and a MSU shirt from my place and then to Starkville to crash at my pla C's place. He and his family have a very busy Thanksgiving weekend, but fortunately, our schedules matched.

I'm heading down to Hattiesburg after the Egg Bowl. I'm undecided on whether or not I will stop by Soso and catch the Laurel-West Jones football game. I don't believe I will if only because I don't know if I will make it to Soso on time.1

1And that's because C and I are planning on walking to the game from his house, which he figures to be about a 30-minute walk. Considering what the traffic's going to be like on campus, I think walking is a good idea. The game should end a little after 2:30 p.m. and best case scenario is that I make it back to C's place a little after 3 p.m., but I expect it to be more like 3:15.

20 November 2007

Slightly More Boring Tuesday

It's been a quiet day. I've not seen anyone I know.

I didn't meet up with my friend LP. Apparently her plans didn't change. I called my friend K again, but there was no answer and perhaps understandably so.

I didn't call anyone else. I loath being a pest, which means I try not to bother people.

I'm getting a bit stir crazy. Well, I know I can go places, but what good is that when I don't see any friends?

Pathetic, I know, but fortunately not entirely. There is some good news.

My pla C called this evening. We talked for a little while. I'll be heading up to Starkville for the Egg Bowl.

I've got to run by my place. My MSU shirts are in Clinton, and I also need to get the mail-- among other things.

One thing I need to do tomorrow morning is to call the MSU ticket office. I need to order a couple tickets for the game.

19 November 2007

Somewhat Boring Monday

I had to wake up early this morning so I could make it to Laurel on time for my dental appointment, and I did. It was just a checkup, and it was largely positive, which is good. I still have some work that needs to be done and has an added cosmetic benefit.1

After I left the dentist's office, I took care of a couple errands in Laurel. I also went by my old workplace and talked to a couple of colleagues. One former co-worker is on vacation, and another left a few months ago.

I went to a coffee shop I used to go to where I visited with a couple of people I knew. I also worked on some Christmas cards and mailed ten.

I headed back to Hattiesburg and went to another coffee shop that I like and is across the street from USM. I didn't have coffee. Instead, I had lunch.

Classes are still in session this week at USM, so I took the opportunity to walk across the street and visit with some people I knew. I ran into a former student worker of mine who's now working for USM. He's doing well. I also saw and briefly spoke to some librarians at USM I know. I also dropped by the library school. None of my former profs were there, but I did recognize a couple of people from past state library association meetings.

I'm at my mother's house watching Duke pound Princeton in basketball. God, I'm bored. I've successfully pestered one friend. I called her up to see if there was a chance we could meet up tomorrow. She has plans, but if they change she said we could chat for awhile. That would be great. I am, after all, bored silly.

I texted my pla C about the Egg Bowl. He's got to talk to his wife and find out what the agenda is. He said he'd let me know when he found out.

I also called K and FP, but didn't get responses. I must have called at bad times. Ah well, it happens.

I also didn't get a chance to read The Sheltering Sky. Maybe I can do so tomorrow.

1Hopefully I won't look like a vampire when I smile as I do now. My canine teeth are a little too prominent for my taste.

18 November 2007

Housesitting in Hattiesburg

I'm in Hattiesburg at my mother's house while she and my stepfather are in California for a few days. I've got a dental appointment tomorrow morning. I also have Christmas cards to mail out, and I'll try to send out the first shipment Wednesday.

I didn't go to a football game Friday night. I wanted to relax, and I did. I went to Cups, then Nagoya and Barnes & Noble where I ran into Pezgirl and her boyfriend. We spoke for a little while.

I then went to Hal & Mal's where I saw a lot of friends-- mostly the usual suspects. I did see a couple guys who are the sons of people who work at the college. I usually see one there, but normally don't see the other, and I was a bit surprised to see him.

I had an lengthy, intermittent-laden conversation with Laura, who was working behind the bar. It turns out she's from Laurel and also attended Heidelberg Academy-- but not at the same time I did. She started there the year after I graduated. Small world.

Otherjay was there. We chatted for awhile. He's doing great, which is awesome. Other than St. Andrew's losing to Enterprise, TD's well.

I really didn't do much socializing in the brewpub section of Hal & Mal's. It was very loud in there what with the music playing, and I couldn't hear anyone talking unless I was right by them.

So, I'm here in Hattiesburg. My plans are to relax, work on Christmas cards, and do some book club reading. Otherwise, I just have to make sure the plants are watered, and considering I'm terrible with plants, I might just have to spend one night at a Holiday Inn Express.

I've not heard from my pla C about the Egg Bowl game Friday, and I don't know if I'm going to the game yet. I suppose I'll hear from him soon. I'll give him a call Monday, and if I can remember, I need to run by a couple of other places to take care of some errands.

16 November 2007

The Friday before Thanksgiving

I'll be leaving the library for the Thanksgiving holidays in a little over an hour. I don't really know what I'll be doing this evening. I might go to a football game. On the other hand, the weather is supposed to be cool tonight, so I might not.

I'm heading down to Hattiesburg sometime tomorrow. I've got to deliver some books to my mother and step-father, and they also wanted to show me what plants needed to be watered in case it doesn't rain next week.

They're heading to San Diego to visit my step-brother, and will be back later in the week. I've got a dental appointment in Laurel early Monday morning.

I found out today that the wedding and book signing I blogged about earlier this week are happening at the same time on the same day. I should be able to make the book signing after attending the wedding.

Oh, and here's a little something from Good Commitment. I loved it, but I am a MSU alum. Alabama fans on the other hand...

15 November 2007

2007 Football Playoff Predictions, Week II

Maybe I can stay awake for the rest of the day. There's a special Thanksgiving lunch meal at the college.

I asked for the Zen special. Make me one with everything. Well, they did. The tryptophan hasn't kicked in yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did later this afternoon.

Last week, I went 52-16 in my predictions for a .765 percentage, which is not as good as I was doing at this time last year. At any rate, here are my predictions for this week.

MHSAA Class 5A
Predicted Champion: South Panola
Predicted Runnerup: George County

I'm picking the Tigers until they lose.

Round of 16
Provine (Region 2 4th) at South Panola (Region 1 1st)
Tupelo (Region 1 3rd) at Clinton (Region 2 2nd)
Starkville (Region 1 4th) at Madison Central (Region 2 1st)
NW Rankin (Region 2 3rd) at Olive Branch (Region 1 2nd)
Biloxi (Region 4 4th) at Meridian (Region 3 1st)
Hattiesburg (Region 3 3rd) at Ocean Springs (Region 4 2nd)
Wingfield (Region 3 4th) at George County (Region 4 1st)
Pascagoula (Region 4 3rd) at Oak Grove (Region 3 2nd)

MHSAA Class 4A

I went 13-3 in my first round picks-- missing the wins by Kosciusko, West Jones, and Lawrence County.

Round of 16
Itawamba AHS (Region 1 1st) at West Lauderdale (Region 4 3rd)
Noxubee County (Region 4 2nd) at Clarksdale (Region 2 1st)
Shannon (Region 1 2nd) at Kosciusko (Region 4 4th)
Oxford (Region 2 2nd) at West Point (Region 4 1st)
Forrest Co. AHS (Region 7 2nd) at Laurel (Region 5 1st)
D'Iberville (Region 8 2nd) at West Jones (Region 5 4th)
Northeast Jones (Region 5 2nd) at Moss Point (Region 7 1st)
Lawrence County (Region 6 2nd) at Picayune (Region 8 1st)

MHSAA Class 3A

11-5. My champion pick of South Pike went down in flames early. I also missed out on McClain, Aberdeen, Morton, and Tylertown.

Round of 16
Ripley (Region 1 1st) at Lexington McClain (Region 4 3rd)
Charleston (Region 4 2nd) at Louisville (Region 2 1st)
Byhalia (Region 3 1st) at Aberdeen (Region 2 3rd)
Velma Jackson (Region 4 1st) at Corinth (Region 1 3rd)
Newton County (Region 5 1st) at Perry Central (Region 8 3rd)
Morton (Region 5 4th) at Franklin County (Region 7 3rd)
Raleigh (Region 5 2nd) at Purvis (Region 8 4th)
Magee (Region 6 2nd) at Tylertown (Region 7 4th)

MHSAA Class 2A

14-2. I missed the wins by Riverside and Enterprise-Clarke.

Round of 16
Baldwyn (Region 1 1st) at Riverside (Region 4 3rd)
Hollandale Simmons (Region 4 2nd) at Eupora (Region 2 1st)
West Bolivar (Region 3 1st) at J.Z. George (Region 2 3rd)
Bruce (Region 2 2nd) at South Delta (Region 4 1st)
Bay Springs (Region 7 2nd) at Philadelphia (Region 5 1st)
St. Andrew’s (Region 6 1st) at Enterprise Clarke (Region 7 3rd)
Forest (Region 5 2nd) at Taylorsville (Region 7 1st)
North Forrest (Region 8 1st) at Scott Central (Region 5 3rd)

MHSAA Class 1A
Predicted Champion: Puckett
Predicted Runnerup: East Webster

A rematch of last year's title game. The semifinals should be awesome. Puckett versus either Weir or Mt. Olive, and East Webster against Ray Brooks.

Round of 16
Broad Street (Region 2 4th) at East Webster (Region 1 1st)
Calhoun City (Region 1 3rd) at Mound Bayou JFK (Region 2 2nd)
Vardaman (Region 1 4th) at Ray Brooks (Region 2 1st)
Greenville St. Joseph (Region 2 3rd) at Okolona (Region 1 2nd)
Stringer (Region 4 4th) at Weir (Region 3 1st)
Nanih Waiya (Region 3 3rd) at Mt. Olive (Region 4 2nd)
French Camp (Region 3 4th) at Puckett (Region 4 1st)
Bogue Chitto (Region 4 3rd) at Durant (Region 3 2nd)

MPSA Class AAA Division I


Finals at Mississippi College
Jackson Academy (North 1st) vs. Jackson Prep (South 1st)

MPSA Class AAA Division II


Finals at Mississippi College
Washington School (North 1st) vs. Lamar School (South 1st)


5-3. My state champion pick lost as did Brookhaven and Manchester.

Kirk (Wild card 2nd) at Marshall (District 1 1st)
Indianola (Wild card 3rd) at Winston (Wild card 1st)
Oak Forest, La. (District 5 2nd) at Trinity Episcopal (District 3 1st)
Copiah Academy (District 4 2nd) at Centreville (District 5 1st)

MPSA Class A

5-3. Missed on Winona Christian, Huntington, and Porters Chapel.

Briarfield, La. (District 2 1st) at North Delta (District 1 1st)
Bayou (District 2 2nd) at Winona Christian (District 3 1st)
Huntington, La. (District 6 2nd) at Central Hinds (District 5 1st)
Porter's Chapel (District 5 runner-up) at Glenbrook, La. (District 6 winner)

14 November 2007

The Merry Wives of the Mississippi Democratic Party

The good thing about the campaign season being over with for the year: No one's looking for information about the wives of John Arthur Eaves Jr. and Rickey Cole. Sadly, no one ever looked for information about Haley Barbour, and I'm almost disappointed.

At the moment, I've just had lunch and am relaxing for a moment. It's been busy.

Yesterday, I worked on getting some books shifted as well as working on other projects, and we've got the room for the moment. We need to do some rearranging in the not-so-distant future though. It's getting to be pretty crowded in the reference section.

After work, I first went to Lemuria to pick up some books my mother had ordered. In the meantime, I also picked up a copy of The Sheltering Sky, my book club's current read.

Later, I went to Borders where I ran into Jaysus and Jaxxie. I had thought about purchasing a CD, but decided against it.

My Thanksgiving plans aren't finalized, but it currently involves Jackson, Clinton, Laurel, and Hattiesburg, and maybe Starkville as well. Essentially, I'm just playing it by ear.

And as the end of the semester approaches, things happen. I've been invited to a wedding and a book signing-- both of which are occurring on the same day. I just hope they're not at the same time.

12 November 2007

Standard Time

I was down in Hattiesburg for most of the weekend. I went to see Heidelberg lose to Porters Chapel Friday night, so the Rebels' football season is over.

I saw MSU beat Alabama on television Saturday, which is very cool. Here's a link to a great video of Anthony Johnson's interception return.

It's getting darker as the days go by. Considering that Standard Time started just over a week ago, I'm pretty much stating the obvious.

The change to Standard Time tends to signal a change in my attitude. I usually feel bleh during the winter holidays; however, reading articles today about a friend having legal difficulties puts things in perspective. I hope everything works out well for him.

I don't know what I'll be doing during the Thanksgiving holidays. Perhaps I'll go to the Egg Bowl the day after Thanksgiving, but that depends in part on what friends in Starkville are doing.

I've no idea at all what I'll be doing on Thanksgiving Day. My mother and step-father will be out of the state, and I won't be at work. However, I will be paying a quick visit to them this weekend, which reminds me that I need to run by Lemuria tomorrow evening after work. I've got to pick up some books for my mother.

I suppose I'd better get some sleep. I think I may do some shifting in the reference section tomorrow so that I can make room for very recently acquired books.

07 November 2007

2007 Football Playoff Predictions, Week I

MHSAA Class 4A
Predicted Champion: Laurel
Predicted Runnerup: Clarksdale

Yes, it's a homer pick, but Laurel did win Region 5-4A, which many people consider to be the toughest region in 4A. Look for Clarksdale to beat West Point in North State.

First Round
Cleveland (Region 2 4th) at Itawamba AHS (Region 1 1st)
West Lauderdale (Region 4 3rd) at Canton (Region 3 2nd)
Tishomingo County (Region 1 4th) at Clarksdale (Region 2 1st)
Yazoo City (Region 3 3rd) at Noxubee County (Region 4 2nd)
Kosciusko (Region 4 4th) at Ridgeland (Region 3 1st)
Lafayette County (Region 2 3rd) at Shannon (Region 1 2nd)
Vicksburg (Region 3 4th) at West Point (Region 4 1st)
New Albany (Region 1 3rd) at Oxford (Region 2 2nd)
Florence (Region 6 4th) at Laurel (Region 5 1st)
St. Stanislaus (Region 8 3rd) at Forrest Co. AHS (Region 7 2nd)
West Jones (Region 5 4th) at Brookhaven (Region 6 1st)
Vancleave (Region 7 3rd) at D'Iberville (Region 8 2nd)
Long Beach (Region 8 4th) at Moss Point (Region 7 1st)
McComb (Region 6 3rd) at Northeast Jones (Region 5 2nd)
Gautier (Region 7 4th) at Picayune (Region 8 1st)
NE Lauderdale (Region 5 3rd) at Lawrence County (Region 6 2nd)

MHSAA Class 3A
Predicted Champion: South Pike
Predicted Runnerup: Louisville

Both schools are historical Class 4A powers playing in 3A, so why not choose them?

First Round
Amory (Region 2 4th) at Ripley (Region 1 1st)
Lexington McClain (Region 4 3rd) at Senatobia (Region 3 2nd)
Kossuth (Region 1 4th) at Louisville (Region 2 1st)
North Panola (Region 3 3rd) at Charleston (Region 4 2nd)
Humphreys County (Region 4 4th) at Byhalia (Region 3 1st)
Aberdeen (Region 2 3rd) at Booneville (Region 1 2nd)
Independence (Region 3 4th) at Velma Jackson (Region 4 1st)
Corinth (Region 1 3rd) at Winona (Region 2 2nd)
Crystal Springs (Region 6 4th) at Newton County (Region 5 1st)
Perry Central (Region 8 3rd) at Jefferson County (Region 7 2nd)
Morton (Region 5 4th) at Hazlehurst (Region 6 1st)
Franklin County (Region 7 3rd) at Sumrall (Region 8 2nd)
Purvis (Region 8 4th) at South Pike (Region 7 1st)
Collins (Region 6 3rd) at Raleigh (Region 5 2nd)
Tylertown (Region 7 4th) at Greene County (Region 8 1st)
SE Lauderdale (Region 5 3rd) at Magee (Region 6 2nd)

MHSAA Class 2A
Predicted winner: Taylorsville
Predicted runnerup: West Bolivar

Another matchup of historic powers. Both the Tartars and Eagles (formerly known as Rosedale) have won multiple titles.

First Round
Ackerman (Region 2 4th) at Baldwyn (Region 1 1st)
Riverside (Region 4 3rd) at West Tallahatchie (Region 3 2nd)
Hamilton (Region 1 4th) at Eupora (Region 2 1st)
Ruleville (Region 3 3rd) at Hollandale Simmons (Region 4 2nd)
Leland (Region 4 4th) at West Bolivar (Region 3 1st)
J.Z. George (Region 2 3rd) at Walnut (Region 1 2nd)
Leflore County (Region 3 4th) at South Delta (Region 4 1st)
Mantachie (Region 1 3rd) at Bruce (Region 2 2nd)
McLaurin (Region 6 4th) at Philadelphia (Region 5 1st)
Bassfield (Region 8 3rd) at Bay Springs (Region 7 2nd)
Lake (Region 5 4th) at St. Andrew’s (Region 6 1st)
Enterprise Clarke (Region 7 3rd) at East Marion (Region 8 2nd)
Lumberton (Region 8 4th) at Taylorsville (Region 7 1st)
Madison St. Joseph (Region 6 3rd) at Forest (Region 5 2nd)
Mize (Region 7 4th) at North Forrest (Region 8 1st)
Scott Central (Region 5 3rd) at Wesson (Region 6 2nd)

MPSA Class AAA Division I
Predicted winner: Jackson Prep
Predicted runnerup: JA

Yet another Prep-JA title game?

First Round
MRA (South 2nd) at Jackson Academy (North 1st)
Pillow Academy (North 2nd) at Jackson Prep (South 1st)

MPSA Class AAA Division II
Predicted winner: Washington
Predicted runnerup: Lamar

Why not the Generals?

First Round
East Rankin (South 2nd) at Washington School (North 1st)
Magnolia Heights (North 2nd) at Lamar School (South 1st)

Predicted winner: Leake
Predicted runnerup: Centreville

I'll choose the Rebels to win their first-ever football title.

First Round
Canton (Wild card 4th) at Marshall (District 1 1st)
Kirk (Wild card 2nd) at Manchester (District 2 2nd)
Indianola (Wild card 3rd) at Leake (District 2 1st)
Winston (Wild card 1st) at Lee (District 1 2nd)
Riverfield (South wild card 2nd) at Trinity Episcopal (District 3 1st)
Oak Forest, La. (District 5 2nd) at Brookhaven (District 4 1st)
Central Private (South wild card 1st) at Centreville (District 5 1st)
Copiah Academy (District 4 2nd) at Prairie View, La. (District 3 2nd)

MPSA Class A
Predicted winner: Central Hinds
Predicted runnerup: Briarfield

The Cougars advanced to the second round of the playoffs in Class AA last year. I think that they can win Class A this year.

First Round
Hebron Christian (District 3 2nd) at North Delta (District 1 1st)
Marvell (North wild card 2nd) at Briarfield, La. (District 2 1st)
Humphreys (North wild card 1st) at Winona Christian (District 3 1st)
Bayou (District 2 2nd) at DeSoto, Ark. (District 1 2nd)
Huntington, La. (District 6 2nd) at Wayne (District 4 1st)
Wilkinson Christian (South wild card 2nd) at Central Hinds (District 5 1st)
Sylva-Bay (South wild card 1st) at Glenbrook, La. (District 6 winner)
Porter's Chapel (District 5 runner-up) at Heidelberg (District 4 2nd)

I, For One, Welcome Our New Republican Overlords

No surprises who won. I've had student workers ask me who was going to win the elections, and I told them: Follow the money.

Barbour, Bryant, Voldebert Hosemann, Chaney, Spell, Reeves, Pickering, and Jim Hood raised more money than their opponents. Not surprisingly, all won, and as a result, Hood will soon be the only Mississippi Democrat serving in a statewide office.

06 November 2007

Election Day

I wound up voting in the Transportation Commissioner race. I got irritated so much with Rudy Warnock's campaign that I ended up voting for Dick Hall instead of abstaining from voting in that contest. That being said, I've gotten to the point that I'm in favor of reorganizing the Mississippi Department of Transportation so that there would be no elected commissioners and an executive director appointed by the Governor.

Oh, and I didn't mention the Treasurer race in my general election preview, but then Tate Reeves is "challenged" by Shawn O'Hara-- by far the weakest Democratic candidate in the field. I would not be surprised if Reeves won by 30 percent.

Here's how I voted in contested races today:

Governor - Haley Barbour (Inc. Rep.)
Lieutenant Governor - Phil Bryant (Rep.)
Secretary of State - Delbert Hosemann (Rep.)
Attorney General - Jim Hood (Inc. Dem.)
Auditor - Mike Sumrall (Dem.)
Agriculture Commissioner - Rickey Cole (Dem.)
Treasurer - Tate Reeves (Inc. Rep.)
Insurance Commissioner - Gary Anderson (Dem.)
Public Service Commissioner - Lynn Posey (Dem.)
Transportation Commissioner - Dick Hall (Inc. Rep.)
Senator - John Horhn (Inc. Dem.)
Justice Court Judge - Jimmy Morton (Rep.)1
Constable - Jon Lewis (Inc. Rep.)

1He sent me an email a few days earlier thanking me for mentioning that I was going to vote for him when he read this blog entry. I think that's cool.

04 November 2007

Weekend Ponderings

I've pretty much been here in the Jackson area this weekend. I've not done much. I slept and did a few chores.

I went to a football game Friday night. I went to Pelahatchie and saw Heidelberg Academy lose to East Rankin. I'm not one to criticize much about coaching decisions, but I've wondered why this coach seems to be in love with the forward pass all season long when the Rebels have an offensive line that should be able to overpower opponents' defensive lines. I just think it's curious.

I went to Martin's after the game to relax, and I did. It's good to be with friends-- old and new.

A colleague's mother died a few days ago, and so I went to the funeral home yesterday to pay my respects. Also yesterday while surfing the web, I noticed that someone with whom I'm acquainted made the news-- and not in a desirable fashion. I hope things go well for him.

A few days ago I mentioned that I was going to get new Christmas cards. Unfortunately Edward Gorey proved not to be an viable option, so I've gone in a different direction.

02 November 2007

2007 General Election, Part IV

In this entry, I'll pay attention to three statewide races.

Attorney General
Jim Hood (incumbent Dem.) vs. Al Hopkins (Rep.)

I like Hood, and Hopkins is a Lester Spell candidacy away from being the weakest Republican statewide candidate. I'm voting for Hood.

Secretary of State
Delbert Hosemann (Rep.) vs. Rob Smith (Dem.)

Both candidates are likable, but I'm voting for Englebert Hosemann.

Lieutenant Governor
Phil Bryant (Rep.) vs. Jamie Franks (Dem.)

Amy Tuck can't run for re-election due to term limits and is off to . State Auditor Bryant and Representative Franks are running to succeed her, and I'm voting for Bryant.