06 November 2007

Election Day

I wound up voting in the Transportation Commissioner race. I got irritated so much with Rudy Warnock's campaign that I ended up voting for Dick Hall instead of abstaining from voting in that contest. That being said, I've gotten to the point that I'm in favor of reorganizing the Mississippi Department of Transportation so that there would be no elected commissioners and an executive director appointed by the Governor.

Oh, and I didn't mention the Treasurer race in my general election preview, but then Tate Reeves is "challenged" by Shawn O'Hara-- by far the weakest Democratic candidate in the field. I would not be surprised if Reeves won by 30 percent.

Here's how I voted in contested races today:

Governor - Haley Barbour (Inc. Rep.)
Lieutenant Governor - Phil Bryant (Rep.)
Secretary of State - Delbert Hosemann (Rep.)
Attorney General - Jim Hood (Inc. Dem.)
Auditor - Mike Sumrall (Dem.)
Agriculture Commissioner - Rickey Cole (Dem.)
Treasurer - Tate Reeves (Inc. Rep.)
Insurance Commissioner - Gary Anderson (Dem.)
Public Service Commissioner - Lynn Posey (Dem.)
Transportation Commissioner - Dick Hall (Inc. Rep.)
Senator - John Horhn (Inc. Dem.)
Justice Court Judge - Jimmy Morton (Rep.)1
Constable - Jon Lewis (Inc. Rep.)

1He sent me an email a few days earlier thanking me for mentioning that I was going to vote for him when he read this blog entry. I think that's cool.


At 06 November, 2007 16:04, Blogger Lorelei Leigh said...

Reading your footnote...it is indeed pretty cool that the guy emailed you. Knowing that he cared enough to send out an thank-you email would make me want to vote for him even more. Plus, it makes a really great story.

At 06 November, 2007 16:25, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Indeed it does.

At 07 November, 2007 07:55, Blogger Super Mom said...

We voted exactly the same in every race that was on my ballot except 1.

At 07 November, 2007 08:17, Blogger Super Mom said...

Wow...just now looking over the numbers...I am really surprised how many voted Shawn O'Hara got. Shocked, really.

At 07 November, 2007 09:22, Anonymous Harry said...

I was also surprised by the Reeves-O'Hara race. But not as much as I would have been a few weeks ago. I don't care for Reeves, but what surprised me was encountering some pretty reliable Republicans in the past week who mentioned that they really didn't like him, and thought he was, in essence, a grandstanding sycophant.

At 07 November, 2007 09:47, Blogger The Library Guy said...

That just shows that the Democratic party can rely on a base of 39 percent of people to vote on any Democrat candidate, including the the proverbial yellow dog.


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