23 October 2007

2007 General Election, Part II

In this entry, I'm focusing attention on races that have more of a local flavor-- contests for positions that are by and large based in Hinds County.

State Senate District 26
John Horhn (incumbent Dem.) v. John Bethea (Con.)

Horhn faces token opposition in this race. I voted for Horhn in the Democratic primary and will vote for him again.

Justice Court Judge District 4
Bruce Burton (Dem.) v. Jimmy Morton (Rep.)

The Justice Court Judge contest was the only race I didn't make a selection since I was unfamiliar with the candidates, and I was inclined to vote for the man who became the Republican nominee. While Burton is certainly qualified since he is an attorney, I'm still inclined to vote for Morton because I'm acquainted with people who know him. Plus, I like his barbecue place.

Constable District 4
Leon Jones (Dem.) v. Jon Lewis (incumbent Rep.)

I don't know either of the two gentlemen; however, Lewis is the incumbent and he has signs out, so I'm inclined to vote for Lewis.


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