08 October 2007

No Antisocial Butterfly

I’ve always enjoyed being with friends. My schedule’s been such this semester that I’ve not had the opportunities to be with friends as much as I would have liked.

That being said, it was good to get out a few times this past week. I met up with Trophy Chick and Cowboy, and I had an enjoyable time. What with me being ill the previous week, I was very much in a sociable mood.

Not that anyone can tell-- as introverted and quiet as I am-- but I like being with people even if I’m not extroverted like the ordinary average guy. I'm no antisocial butterfly.

I went pub crawling. Essentially, I was looking for fellowship. As I've mentioned previously, I’ve long considered myself to be unwelcome in churches.

I saw some friends and visited with them, and that was good.

I ran into one at Hal & Mal’s who I’d not seen in at least a couple months. We spoke briefly about a few things, and she expressed interest in the book club.

And, she’d be a good member. She also said she’d email me in a few days regarding a couple things we’d previously talked about.

I ran into friends at Fenian’s. We talked about various things-- mostly good and fabulous.

Friday evening, I ran into someone from the college at the football game that I covered. We spoke briefly. While we’re acquainted with each other, what I do doesn’t normally affect what she does and vice versa. I don't recall ever getting an email from anyone in her department concerning libraries.

I thought about going to Starkville Saturday morning to see MSU play UAB, but my sleep cycle was still out of whack. I woke up at 10:00 to call my pla C to let him know I couldn’t make it.

I went back to bed and woke up at 2 p.m. I slept a little over 12 hours.

I didn’t go out much Saturday evening or Sunday either. I just felt like being at the house, and now it’s about 12 hours until I have to be at work.


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