28 September 2007

Okay, I lost

Today’s the first day I’ve been at work since Tuesday. I was under the weather, and well, I lost.

C'est la vie.


At 28 September, 2007 22:04, Blogger Jason said...

They voting was too close for a while and I let my competitive edge get the best of me with the voting. We were neck and neck for the longest (actually I was still winning) and then I decided to break out the big guns and solicit votes as well. Plus it helps to have access to more than one computer as you know.

I simply had more people helping me out . . .

By the way I participated in Talk Like a Pirate Day as well matey.

At 30 September, 2007 21:42, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Indeed. If I had been feeling well Wednesday, I would have sent out some more emails. I wasn't, so I didn't.


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