14 September 2007

Friday the Fourteenth

This week hasn't been too bad. I've been going through publishers' catalogs and web sites and requesting books to be purchased. I've been trying to get some other duties accomplished.

I'm tired though. My body aches, and I think I've got ankle bursitis. My right ankle has been sore the past couple days. Here are links to a couple sites I thought were interesting:

Edward Gorey's The Trouble with Tribbles
Apparently Gorey was a fan of Star Trek. What would have happened if Gorey decided to exercise his artistic expression?

The Booker Shortlist
Yeah, I know. It's a week old, but interesting nevertheless.

Oh, and a reminder...


At 14 September, 2007 14:53, Blogger Super Mom said...


*ahem*, 'scuse me. I was just practicing


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