27 August 2007

Runoff Election

Runoff elections are tomorrow in Mississippi. I voted in the Democratic primary on the 7th and will, of course, vote Democratic again tomorrow.

My not-so-secret ballot:

Auditor -- Mike Sumrall

"I just don't see how you can trust someone as state auditor if he can't file a campaign finance report." Well said.

Public Service Commissioner -- Lynn Posey

I forgot to mention this race last time. I voted for Posey then, and I will vote for him again tomorrow.

Hinds County District Attorney -- Faye Peterson

As previously mentioned, a rule of thumb when voting for local candidates this go-around: If Frank Melton shows an inclination of being against a certain candidate, then that's the one I vote for.

Tax Assessor -- Charles Stokes

I voted for Carl Monte Reeves in the primary. I'll be voting for Stokes this time.


At 28 August, 2007 09:12, Blogger Super Mom said...

When Mike Sumrall wins (and I do think he will take this thing); I want the record to show, "I told you so".

Well, at least we're in for a some good chuckles over the next 4 years.

At 28 August, 2007 10:33, Blogger The Library Guy said...

So noted. I'm sure Marshall Ramsey is looking forward to the good chuckles.

At 28 August, 2007 11:04, Blogger Super Mom said...

Of course his idiot opponent Brand handed the election over to Mike.

Mike is a nice guy. I just hope he doesn't give auditors a bad name. :)


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