23 August 2007

First Week Craziness

It's been busy. We've got orientation tours, bibliographic instruction sessions, and all sorts of things going on here at the library.

Monday, I continued work on the aftermath of one of my summer projects. I've also been moving files from my personal folder in the college's network to the library's folder. We've been given notice that we can use only so much space on the network. Fortunately I wasn't too much over the limit.

Tuesday wasn't too bad. After work, Pezgirl, her boyfriend, and I played Pub Quiz at Hal & Mal's. We finished in first place largely because Pezgirl's boyfriend is a Coreyologist; he knows his Corey Feldman and Corey Haim movies. We got all the questions correct in that category and supersized it.

Yesterday was a tiring day. I did some library work and also found time to clean my office. I was a bit exhausted yesterday afternoon. I should have been wired with all the coffee I drank; however, I wasn't.

As soon as I arrived at work today, I've been doing all sorts of things-- booking a bibliographic instruction session, working on interlibrary loan requests, helping a student find some information about a particular topic, more work related to a summer project. I'm looking forward to the weekend.


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