14 August 2007

Tuesday Afternoon Links

I have a few moments before I have to attend a meeting. Here are some links to some things of interest:

Oliver escapes. Again.
And he has a myspace page.

Dachshunds in decline in Deutschland
No, it's not Kobayashi or Joey Chestnut's fault. The birthrate of weiner dogs has declined by some 35 percent in Germany.

These people were college roommates.
Actually, I knew most of them were college roommates. I thought the Erich Segal Love Story thing was an urban legend though.

But he would only be the second coolest president if Chuck Norris were elected...
Why Teddy Roosevelt is the coolest president the United States has ever had.

Lolcat as Satirical Ethicist
I'm In Ur Family, Judjin Ur Value. Thanks go to Lorelei Leigh for the heads-up.


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