07 August 2007

Search Engine Answer Guy #2

It's been two weeks since the first installment of Answer Guy. Again, here are actual search phrases from actual people that led them to this blog.

1. greek quote at the beginning of at swim two birds

All things pass and give way to one another. What's cool about this is that a person in Spain was looking this up and found the answer in a blog based in Mississippi. The tip of the hat though goes to Dylan in Seattle.

2. the lonely sommelier

Hey. I'm number 5 on the google search list. You'd be better off finding it at McSweeney's.

3. scott albert johnson harvard

I had forgotten he attended Harvard. I was blogging about a friend of mine who went on Harvard Law School after he graduated from MSU some 20 years ago.

4. "the library guy"

Hmmm... I'm surprised this blog is #4 in Google Search. It's #5 with my nom de blog not in quotes and considering that's out of some 52,000,000 pages, I think that's cool. It'll be difficult to get the #1 spot since a guy in front of me has libraryguy.com.

5. dolemite dolomite

Ah. A Rudy Ray Moore fan! As I mentioned before, The Mountains are big, but no match for the King of Party Records.


At 08 August, 2007 16:47, Blogger The Topiary Cow said...

That's cool, "The Library Guy". Fleeting fame but sweet nonetheless.



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