31 July 2007

Tuesday Evening Ramblings

After getting off work, I was checking some blogs and saw some items of interest.

From Throwing Bullets...

Here's an interesting survey. Once you answer the questions, the site ranks which presidential candidates are closest to your views. In addition, it covers what viewpoints the candidates that are different from yours.

I was a bit surprised who my most compatible presidential candidate was. Incidentially, the candidate I like the most is, according to the site, my second choice most compatible.

From McSweeney's, Yoknapatawpha County Today. Also, a message from The Lonely Sommelier. I liked this entry:

Lindemans Bin 45 Cabernet Sauvignon,
Southeastern Australia, 2003

Like most Australian Cabs, this lower-priced offering from Lindemans features a robust earthiness and impressive balance. This particular Cabernet Sauvignon also has a mouth feel that is strikingly smooth and rich ... much like kissing the spot between your shoulder blades.

God, I miss that spot.

Pairs with:

Pungent cheeses, lamb, beef, and regret.

Next from Super Mom, we have a new leader in the worst political campaign sign contest. The designer is a truly a real man of genius.

Lastly, from B2, two nice photo blog entries:

Stuckey's Bridge and Dunn's Falls.

I remember going to Dunn's Falls a couple times before it became a state park. It was only about a half hour away from where I lived. I thought the place was quite cool as I recall. It wasn't my regular hangout.

I usually went to Lake Waukaway or Lake Bounds. Sadly both places aren't open to the public anymore. Waukaway is a Christian retreat; Bounds is closed.


At 31 July, 2007 20:04, Blogger Super Mom said...

SWEET! I made your most intellectual and freaking genius blog.

I'm blushing and swelling both in one.


yes, I need a life.

At 01 August, 2007 12:46, Blogger The Topiary Cow said...

Oh my.

Apropos of Topiary Badgers? How strange....

Almost as strange as the LOL cats take on Oscar the
hospice cat!

At 01 August, 2007 13:00, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Mental Floss... I love that magazine.

At 01 August, 2007 18:20, Blogger The Topiary Cow said...

Topiary is entranced with the little kits they sell "Doctor in a Box" with what looks like a spanish-language diploma.

Cow wants one to hang next to her Library degree. Probably even a fake degree would out-earn the MLS. Oh dear.


At 01 August, 2007 18:26, Blogger The Library Guy said...

I bet it would. I know my sister makes multiple times more than I do thanks to her real MD from UMC.

At 03 August, 2007 16:57, Blogger The Topiary Cow said...

This question of your sister's MD earning versus MLS earnings is interesting and warrants a blog entry all it's own on the Topiary Cow site.

As soon as she gathers her thoughts, it shall appear.



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