27 July 2007

I'm Winston Wolfe. I solve problems.

Being a librarian is often like being The Wolf. We find solutions to problems.

Just after eleven o'clock this morning, a dean knocks on my office door. There have been orientation sessions going on at the college this summer. This week, the college is also hosting an education conference, and the rooms that had been used for orientation were already booked. So, problem.

After talking to two people, there's no choice. The students going through orientation have to be in the library, and they need a projector and screen. I call two colleagues. We get a projector and screen out of a smaller room and put them in one of the larger rooms in the library. A table is moved in from another room, and an extension cord and surge protector are also needed.

As it turns out the library's projector isn't compatible with the laptop computer. Fortunately, the people conducting orientation do have a projector compatible with the laptop. Since the session requires additional activities not involving the use of a computer, the students going through orientation do some of those activities first before going to lunch.

After lunch, the orientation session resumed and ended a few minutes ago. Problem solved.


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