07 August 2007

I Voted

Okay, I voted today in the Democratic primary, and here's my not-so-secret ballot:

Governor -- John Arthur Eaves Jr.

I actually kind of like Louis Fondren, but I tend to vote for the candidate who I think will do the best in the general election. That Democratic candidate is Eaves.

Secretary of State -- John Windsor

Rob Smith has the local name recognition, but Windsor has impressed me.

Auditor -- Jacob Ray

He's gotten endorsements. Maybe he'll do a good job.

Insurance Commissioner -- Gary Anderson

I went back and forth on this one. I originally intended to vote for Jim Raspberry since he's from the part of the state where I grew up, and I knew people who had worked on his campaign; however, Raspberry withdrew. My usual rule of thumb when I can't decide is who will do better in the general election, and I couldn't decide. I thought about not voting, but decided in the end to vote for Anderson.

State Senate District 26 -- John Horhn

And gladly. I like Horhn a lot.

State Representative District 72 -- Kimberly Campbell

I like her politics, and she gets bonus points because of her stance regarding Frank Melton. See the Jackson Free Press endorsements for more detail.

Hinds County Sheriff -- Malcolm McMillin

One rule of thumb when voting for local candidates this go-around: If Frank Melton shows an inclination of being against a certain candidate, then that's the one I vote for. Sheriff McMillin is one of several candidates I voted thanks to this rule.

Hinds County District Attorney -- Faye Peterson

Peterson's another.

Circuit Clerk -- Barbara Dunn

Tax Assessor -- Carl Monte Reeves

As is Reeves.

Justice Court Judge District 4 -- Did Not Vote

I've not heard anything about Bruce Burton and John Rush, the candidates running on the Democratic side, and didn't feel comfortable voting for either one. The candidate who I feel most comfortable voting for is running as a Republican.


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