02 August 2007

A Farewell to Don's

I could write about many other things, and I know I'll devote some time tomorrow to them, but tonight I bid farewell to WCDon's.

Change, as we all know, happens. Sometimes I welcome change especially when it's a welcome change in my life. Sometimes I fear change, and it becomes more and more common the older I get.

I'm one of the older if not the oldest person in a pack largely made up of twentysomethings and thirtysomethings. I'm perhaps more settled in my ways though, but then I go to WCDon's with friends, so perhaps I'm more unsettled than I think.

WCDon's looks to be closing. I was under the impression tonight would be the last night, but instead it may the weekend. I don't know if I'll return though.

I went with friends there tonight. The place was quite bare. A cardboard box was our table as we socialized.

I couldn't stay too long though. I need to be at work tomorrow morning at eight, and I'm thinking about heading to Hattiesburg for at least part of the weekend.

I need to be out of the Jackson area for at least a little while. I would like to see some friends in Hattiesburg sometime this weekend-- maybe Friday night.

I'm playing it by ear though, and considering my partial deafness, the weekend could be good, bad, or mediocre. I hope it's good and maybe even better than that. We'll see.


At 03 August, 2007 15:43, Blogger Super Mom said...

I do hope you have a great weekend visiting friends!

At 04 August, 2007 12:53, Blogger Andy said...

Never been there. Heard the hot dogs were pretty good. Also liked how they named the place: We Can't Decide On a Name.

At 05 August, 2007 18:39, Blogger The Library Guy said...

I did have a good weekend. Sadly, no hot dogs last night.


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