12 August 2007

Hot August Weekend

I'm at my mother's house at Canebrake. I'll head back to the college early tomorrow morning, and that means my drive will be caffeine-fueled.

Blues Bash was nice. I wish I had seen more people I knew though. I saw a few people I knew from Heidelberg. I ran into Buck Satan's kin.

Not as many Laurelites I knew were there as there usually are normally though. The weather might have played a role. People were expecting hot temperatures and then serious thunderstorms. There was rain, but it didn't last long, but it still dropped the temperature some fifteen degrees.

I watched my mother's shop some yesterday. It being 100 degrees plus outside, it was slow. Later that night, I saw Stardust. It's a great movie. It's been compared to The Princess Bride, and while there aren't any lines like "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die" in the script, it's outstanding.

It's going to be really hot this coming week, and I have a feeling I'll be involved in my regular registration gig. Outside. Joy. I guess that means I'll be wearing the shorts again.


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