17 August 2007

Friday Afternoon Links

Thank God for Arkansas???
From the Associated Press: A law passed this year allows Arkansans of any age — even infants — to marry if their parents agree, and the governor may have to call a special session to fix the mistake, lawmakers said Friday.

The George Wallace for Governor Comic Book
I remember reading something about this several years ago, but had forgotten about it until TD sent an email link to this a couple days ago. It was the topic of a Mental Floss blog entry yesterday.

McSweeney's takes on Playstation
There are several McSweeney's entries that have been good this week. Lorelei has already pointed out one she likes.

Top five fictional mayors
Personally, I think Mayor McCheese should have been ranked higher.

I'd like to visit the Beaglehole Room someday...
...and I'm not just saying that because New Zealand would be a nice place to visit. The hat-tip goes to Sally. If you want to know more about him, click here.


At 17 August, 2007 17:11, Blogger The Topiary Cow said...

Cow would have voted for Mayor Wilkins to get top billing. After all, how many mayors attempt to eat entire graduating classes of high-schoolers to turn into uber-demons?


At 19 August, 2007 10:12, Blogger Lorelei Leigh said...

Hahaha! How did I miss that McSweeney's piece on the Playstation...that was hilarious. Thanks for finding it and posting the link.


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