20 August 2007

A New Semester

The fall semester started today at the college. I arrived at work about an hour ago from my mother's house in Hattiesburg. I'm here until 9 p.m.

I hope it'll be a good semester. Although I've taken some time off this summer so that I can be ready for the semester, I think I need time away.

At least I'm taking some time off during the Labor Day weekend. Hopefully my Indiana visit will be nice.


At 20 August, 2007 15:00, Blogger The Topiary Cow said...

Topiary has been out of school for a while. She misses the rhythm of seasons as well as looking forward to the glorious summer vacation...easter vacation...Christmas vacation.

Working life. A few weeks off a year. Should have gone into academia, apparently.


At 20 August, 2007 15:11, Blogger The Library Guy said...

In a way I wish I had summer vacation; however, I'm considered to be part of administration, so school ain't out for summer for me. On the other hand, I do earn vacation time, which is most excellent.

At 20 August, 2007 15:52, Blogger The Topiary Cow said...

Yes, isn't that weird. Librarians are often considered faculty but yet have to work year-round anyway.

Cow would like to go back to school...not to work...just to take classes. And have money somehow.


At 21 August, 2007 08:18, Blogger The Library Guy said...

I've thought about taking classes in a particular subject here at the college, but I never have the time.

At 21 August, 2007 10:40, Blogger The Topiary Cow said...

When you're working full-time, plus figuring in drive-time both ways, prep time (grooming, hair, clothes, etc.) and the normal tasks of a week: shopping, cooking, cleaning, it is hard to have time for anything.

Especially if you're also maintaining Topiary.



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