02 October 2007

Vaticanology and High School Football

First, from Wikipedia:
Aggiornamento, literally meaning "bringing up to date," was one of the key words used during the Second Vatican Council both by bishops and clergy attending the sessions, and by the media and Vaticanologists covering it. It was used to mean a spirit of change, openness, openmindedness and modernity.

Next, the first two paragraphs of an article from today's Laurel Leader-Call:
It has been almost a decade since the “Jungle,” the nickname given to the football field at Northeast Jones, has been feared by visiting football teams. Most historians say that events of the past usually repeat themselves every ten years.

So could the mystique of the Jungle from the past become reality for visiting high school football teams again? Will this year’s Tigers be able to meet their goal of aggiornamento? This goal of bringing Tiger football up to date is a passion of Northeast Jones head football coach Bubba Hathorn. Hathorn and his coaching staff have gone through some very tough times the last three years in rebuilding the Tigers’ fortunes.

Aggiornamento. Wow.

Its use in a story about high school football deserves the slow clap.


At 03 October, 2007 00:24, Blogger John Leek said...

My journalism professors would not approve.

"Never use a big word when a small one will do" I think it could help educate readers; they think it will turn them away.

Whatever, print's dying anyway.


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