01 October 2007

First Monday in October

I made it to the college earlier today. One of my co-workers was wondering if I wasn't feeling too well. I think the weekend took a bit too much out from me what with moving all that stuff from my mother's shop.

And as I suspected, I'm not all here mentally yet. Joy.

Because I've been sick and busy doing honey-do errands and such, I've been remiss in adding links to some sites of interest. There are two new additions to the blogroll:

John Leek has been known to comment on this blog, and he is also a contributor to Cotton Mouth, which is a blog I also like to read.

The Mississippi Library Commission Reference Staff has a new blog. The first entry is dated last week.

I've also added one link to my Websites of Interest page:

The Mississippi Library Association ACRL section has a wiki. Considering I'm a librarian and work at a college, this site is, of course, of interest to me.


At 01 October, 2007 16:56, Blogger John Leek said...

Cool, thanks.


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