30 September 2007

September's End

I'm at my mother's house in Hattiesburg. The past couple days I've been helping move stuff from the shop to my mother's and future step-father's houses.

I'm sore. I'm tired.

While I'm not sick like I was last week, I'm not 100 percent. I must have slept ten hours last night.

When I show up at work tomorrow, I don't think I'll be all there mentally. Of course, that wasn't much of a change from how I was feeling on Friday.

Also, I really don't want to deal with whatever work-related issues that arise. I need to do something to clear my mind. Exercise hasn't helped.

I probably need to get out some more. Unfortunately, I've not had many weekend opportunities what with my having to help move stuff from my mother's shop.

On the other hand, I've had chances to visit family and friends out of town. I've also been doing some pub quiz on Tuesday nights, but that's not enough.

Being sick and doing all this honey-do work haven't helped matters any either, and I've got to be at work tomorrow evening.

Joy. I'd rather watch Monday Night Football. Or Heroes. Or both.


At 01 October, 2007 00:24, Blogger John Leek said...

Next time you know you'll be in Hattiesburg, you can drop me a line if you'd like. We could do lunch or something.

My e-mail is at Cotton Mouth

At 01 October, 2007 17:52, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Although I'm not normally in Hattiesburg on weekdays, that'll work.

At 01 October, 2007 20:18, Blogger John Leek said...

Great. It's fun to meet the people beyond the screen.


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