10 October 2007

Continued Chronicles of the Dread Pirate Roberts

I pretty much subsisted on a diet of coffee yesterday, and I needed it after having only three hours of sleep during the night. I worked on some projects yesterday afternoon after being at the desk for pretty much most of the morning.

After work, I had to go to a funeral home to pay my respects. A co-worker's mother died over the weekend, and the service is today. While many of my colleagues will be there, I'll be here at the college. Incidentally, I wasn't familiar with the name of the funeral home, but as it turns out it was where the service for my grandmother was held several years ago.

I went to Cups for a little while and then belatedly decided to go to Hal & Mal's and maybe play some Pub Quiz. When I found out what the rounds were going to be like, I decided to chip in a couple bucks and see if I could compete well under my usual solo team name.

Fortunately, the Pub Quiz seas were very friendly for me. No musical storms. No celebrity eyes hurricanes-- with the exceptions being the Fair Trivia and Phillip Seymour Hoffman Movie Quotes rounds. That being said, most other teams were affected by those rounds as well.

I went so far as to be within one point of the lead (and in third place) before the final round thanks in part to an author/pen name round. When the game ended, I finished three points behind the winning team and in second place.

This morning, I'm still subsisting on coffee. I got maybe five hours of sleep.

Colleagues are about to go to the funeral. I'm on duty helping people and working on projects. Such is the life of a pirate.


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