30 October 2007

Tuesday Night Ramblings

While driving north on Highway 49 yesterday afternoon, I saw the Parker Dykes sign I blogged about last week. Now, I'm not disappointed.

I am a bit surprised that I didn't see the sign when I was traveling south on 49. Perhaps traffic was a bit too heavy, or maybe I wasn't paying attention to what wasn't on the road.

My stepfather and I saw USM lose to Central Florida Sunday night. Four turnovers are not good for a team with bowl aspirations.

On the other hand, MSU was the recipient of six Kentucky turnovers Saturday. And that was good.

I found out this past weekend that my mother and stepfather would be heading off to Indiana to visit my aunt and uncle. In addition, they're going to San Diego for Thanksgiving to visit his son.

And now I wonder what to do during Thanksgiving. I contacted my pla C to see if he was going to be around Starkvegas for the Egg Bowl. He's uncertain, and that's understandable. After all, he has obligations of his own.

A potential Thanksgiving by myself could suck mightily, but hopefully that won't happen. Fortunately, my mother and stepfather are planning on being in Mississippi in December.

That reminds me. I need to get the Christmas cards ready. Yes, I know. It's still October, and I'm mentioning Christmas cards. I need to run by Barnes & Noble sometime soon to see if the Christmas cards I like to send to people are on sale. (No, I don't send the same cards. I am, however, a fan of this artist.)

Now I'm tired. I'm at my house. I'm fighting sleep, but I'll let sleep win sometime in the next couple hours.


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