29 October 2007

2007 General Election, Part III

In this entry, I'll focus attention on those races where there has been controversy surrounding Mississippi elected officials.

Central District Transportation Commissioner
Dick Hall (incumbent Rep.) vs. Rudy Warnock (Dem.)

Essentially, this contest is one of two contests for control of Mississippi transportation. Hall has long been an opponent of Mississippi Department of Transportation Butch Brown's reign as Executive Director and has made no secret of the fact that he wants to fire Brown. I also find this story to be interesting.

Sadly, I've gotten to be tired of this contest. I don't think either candidate deserves my vote, and because of that I will leave this ballot blank. I mean, can't we all get along here?

Insurance Commissioner
Gary Anderson (Dem.) vs. Mike Chaney (Rep.)

This race is probably the best down-ticket state contest. I voted for Anderson in his contest against George Dale who got a lot of heat from people concerning his performance in office post-Katrina. Chaney is well-regarded and if elected should do very well. The same can be said of Anderson.

Both men are qualified, but I think that Anderson is more deserving. I still think he should have won that state treasurer's election in 2003, and so he'll get my vote.

Agriculture Commissioner
Lester Spell (incumbent Rep.) vs. Rickey Cole (Dem.) vs. Les Riley (Con.)

Spell has gotten a lot of criticism for his handling of the beef plant boondoggle. If I had voted Republican, I would have voted for Phillips. I will be voting for Cole-- former state Democratic party chair and classmate of mine at MSU.


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