26 October 2007

Governor William Winter

I was at the Mississippi Library Association conference in Vicksburg yesterday. I spent the whole day there-- attending various functions and meetings.

The highlight of the conference was the Authors Awards presentations. The Measure of Our Days: Writings of William F. Winter won the nonfiction award.

Governor Winter spoke for several minutes-- reading from speeches that were in the book, one of which was a speech before another session of MLA back in 1962.

The Governor is still a fantastic speaker. He projected his voice very well-- and much better than me in that regard that's for sure.

I've always thought highly of the governor and his work. In a sense, he was even my boss for a couple of months many years ago when I was a temp worker at his law firm.1

Even though Governor Winter is 84 years old and recently left the Board of Trustees of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, I know he would give Haley Barbour more of a fight for the governorship this year than John Arthur Eaves Jr.

1In other words, I was an independent contractor for tax purposes and the person I reported to was a subordinate of Winter's. I seriously doubt the governor knew who I was. I did see him from time to time in the firm, but we never spoke to each other.


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