04 November 2007

Weekend Ponderings

I've pretty much been here in the Jackson area this weekend. I've not done much. I slept and did a few chores.

I went to a football game Friday night. I went to Pelahatchie and saw Heidelberg Academy lose to East Rankin. I'm not one to criticize much about coaching decisions, but I've wondered why this coach seems to be in love with the forward pass all season long when the Rebels have an offensive line that should be able to overpower opponents' defensive lines. I just think it's curious.

I went to Martin's after the game to relax, and I did. It's good to be with friends-- old and new.

A colleague's mother died a few days ago, and so I went to the funeral home yesterday to pay my respects. Also yesterday while surfing the web, I noticed that someone with whom I'm acquainted made the news-- and not in a desirable fashion. I hope things go well for him.

A few days ago I mentioned that I was going to get new Christmas cards. Unfortunately Edward Gorey proved not to be an viable option, so I've gone in a different direction.


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