31 October 2007

Search Engine Answer Guy #5

With less than a week to go until elections in Mississippi, a lot of the search queries that wind up on my site are concerning candidates.

1. john arthur eaves jr. first wife

I don't know who she is. I know that for some reason my blog comes up, and there've been at least two searches looking for Eaves's wife that have wound up here. Oddly enough, there hasn't been a search for Haley Barbour that winds up on this blog. At least not yet.

Cue the searches.

2. kyle veazey

Not a candidate for office, but he is the mayor of Veazeyville. And someone might be looking for his phone number. Sorry, don't have it.

3. mhsaa football playoff predictions

And all these queries come from Michigan, which reminds me, I will be doing football playoff predictions again beginning next week.

4. john bethea

Another political candidate.

5. leon jones for constable

And another.

6. lee dilworth campaign

And yet another. It's always the ones who I'm not voting for.

7. lynn posey

Not so fast. I am voting for him.

8. vaticanology meaning

I'm sure its meaning isn't related to Northeast Jones football.

9. cary hudson

Great musician. Good to know he has at least one fan in the Czech Republic.

10. "chris chew" and santa fe

Another great musician. I've not seen the Allstars perform in a while, and I'd like to sometime soon.


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