02 November 2007

2007 General Election, Part IV

In this entry, I'll pay attention to three statewide races.

Attorney General
Jim Hood (incumbent Dem.) vs. Al Hopkins (Rep.)

I like Hood, and Hopkins is a Lester Spell candidacy away from being the weakest Republican statewide candidate. I'm voting for Hood.

Secretary of State
Delbert Hosemann (Rep.) vs. Rob Smith (Dem.)

Both candidates are likable, but I'm voting for Englebert Hosemann.

Lieutenant Governor
Phil Bryant (Rep.) vs. Jamie Franks (Dem.)

Amy Tuck can't run for re-election due to term limits and is off to . State Auditor Bryant and Representative Franks are running to succeed her, and I'm voting for Bryant.


At 03 November, 2007 20:40, Anonymous Harry said...

Bryant? Boooo!

At 03 November, 2007 21:47, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Neither Bryant nor Franks have had impressive campaigns. I'll just mention that enlightened self-interest plays just as a big part in my vote for Bryant as it does with my vote for Barbour.

At 04 November, 2007 05:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

GIUSEPPE not Guiseppe di Lampedusa.

At 04 November, 2007 09:24, Anonymous Harry said...

I just think there needs to be some counterbalance to Haley.

At 04 November, 2007 12:15, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Anon-- Re: di Lampedusa. I know. Unfortunately the person who entered that edition of the "The Leopard" in the AllConsuming widget I use misspelled his first name. I wish I could have edited it. That reminds me, I finished the book (or it finished me) a couple days ago, so I need to move it.

Harry-- The counterbalance you want is going to have to comes in the form of Democratic legislators because Bryant looks like he will win.


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