30 November 2007

Friday at the Library

Friday afternoon at the library. It's quiet.

I'm heading off to Hattiesburg after work. My mother wants me to help my stepfather move some things. Apparently they're hosting some sort of shindig in a few days, and she wanted me to be there to help out Saturday morning.

And I had planned to get some sleep. I had thought about going to the Operation Shoestring benefit, but my mother's plans derailed mine. Oh well.

A friend of mine who works for a newspaper asked me if I could cover an event in Jackson on Monday, and I can. The timing actually works out for me, so I will.

I'm thinking about dropping by either Taylorsville or Laurel on the way to Hattiesburg. I'd like to catch either the Tartars or Tornadoes play. I've seen the Tornadoes play this season. I've not seen the Tartars.


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