19 November 2007

Somewhat Boring Monday

I had to wake up early this morning so I could make it to Laurel on time for my dental appointment, and I did. It was just a checkup, and it was largely positive, which is good. I still have some work that needs to be done and has an added cosmetic benefit.1

After I left the dentist's office, I took care of a couple errands in Laurel. I also went by my old workplace and talked to a couple of colleagues. One former co-worker is on vacation, and another left a few months ago.

I went to a coffee shop I used to go to where I visited with a couple of people I knew. I also worked on some Christmas cards and mailed ten.

I headed back to Hattiesburg and went to another coffee shop that I like and is across the street from USM. I didn't have coffee. Instead, I had lunch.

Classes are still in session this week at USM, so I took the opportunity to walk across the street and visit with some people I knew. I ran into a former student worker of mine who's now working for USM. He's doing well. I also saw and briefly spoke to some librarians at USM I know. I also dropped by the library school. None of my former profs were there, but I did recognize a couple of people from past state library association meetings.

I'm at my mother's house watching Duke pound Princeton in basketball. God, I'm bored. I've successfully pestered one friend. I called her up to see if there was a chance we could meet up tomorrow. She has plans, but if they change she said we could chat for awhile. That would be great. I am, after all, bored silly.

I texted my pla C about the Egg Bowl. He's got to talk to his wife and find out what the agenda is. He said he'd let me know when he found out.

I also called K and FP, but didn't get responses. I must have called at bad times. Ah well, it happens.

I also didn't get a chance to read The Sheltering Sky. Maybe I can do so tomorrow.

1Hopefully I won't look like a vampire when I smile as I do now. My canine teeth are a little too prominent for my taste.


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