12 November 2007

Standard Time

I was down in Hattiesburg for most of the weekend. I went to see Heidelberg lose to Porters Chapel Friday night, so the Rebels' football season is over.

I saw MSU beat Alabama on television Saturday, which is very cool. Here's a link to a great video of Anthony Johnson's interception return.

It's getting darker as the days go by. Considering that Standard Time started just over a week ago, I'm pretty much stating the obvious.

The change to Standard Time tends to signal a change in my attitude. I usually feel bleh during the winter holidays; however, reading articles today about a friend having legal difficulties puts things in perspective. I hope everything works out well for him.

I don't know what I'll be doing during the Thanksgiving holidays. Perhaps I'll go to the Egg Bowl the day after Thanksgiving, but that depends in part on what friends in Starkville are doing.

I've no idea at all what I'll be doing on Thanksgiving Day. My mother and step-father will be out of the state, and I won't be at work. However, I will be paying a quick visit to them this weekend, which reminds me that I need to run by Lemuria tomorrow evening after work. I've got to pick up some books for my mother.

I suppose I'd better get some sleep. I think I may do some shifting in the reference section tomorrow so that I can make room for very recently acquired books.


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