18 November 2007

Housesitting in Hattiesburg

I'm in Hattiesburg at my mother's house while she and my stepfather are in California for a few days. I've got a dental appointment tomorrow morning. I also have Christmas cards to mail out, and I'll try to send out the first shipment Wednesday.

I didn't go to a football game Friday night. I wanted to relax, and I did. I went to Cups, then Nagoya and Barnes & Noble where I ran into Pezgirl and her boyfriend. We spoke for a little while.

I then went to Hal & Mal's where I saw a lot of friends-- mostly the usual suspects. I did see a couple guys who are the sons of people who work at the college. I usually see one there, but normally don't see the other, and I was a bit surprised to see him.

I had an lengthy, intermittent-laden conversation with Laura, who was working behind the bar. It turns out she's from Laurel and also attended Heidelberg Academy-- but not at the same time I did. She started there the year after I graduated. Small world.

Otherjay was there. We chatted for awhile. He's doing great, which is awesome. Other than St. Andrew's losing to Enterprise, TD's well.

I really didn't do much socializing in the brewpub section of Hal & Mal's. It was very loud in there what with the music playing, and I couldn't hear anyone talking unless I was right by them.

So, I'm here in Hattiesburg. My plans are to relax, work on Christmas cards, and do some book club reading. Otherwise, I just have to make sure the plants are watered, and considering I'm terrible with plants, I might just have to spend one night at a Holiday Inn Express.

I've not heard from my pla C about the Egg Bowl game Friday, and I don't know if I'm going to the game yet. I suppose I'll hear from him soon. I'll give him a call Monday, and if I can remember, I need to run by a couple of other places to take care of some errands.


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