21 November 2007

2007 Football Playoff Predictions, Week III

Last week, I went 36-14 in my predictions. I am now 88-30, which is not as good as I was doing at this time last year. Here are my predictions for this week.

MHSAA Class 5A

5-3. I failed to take into account the relative suckiness of District 2-5A when compared to 1-5A schools. I cannot believe Clinton lost. Madison Central has been uneven, on the other hand, so a loss by the Jaguars wasn't that unexpected. I also missed Ocean Springs' win.

South Panola (Region 1 1st) at Tupelo (Region 1 3rd)
Olive Branch (Region 1 2nd) at Starkville (Region 1 4th)
Ocean Springs (Region 4 2nd) at Meridian (Region 3 1st)
Oak Grove (Region 3 2nd) at George County (Region 4 1st)

MHSAA Class 4A

6-2. I missed an upset pick of West Lauderdale to win. I also missed Noxubee County's win.

Noxubee County (Region 4 2nd) at Itawamba AHS (Region 1 1st)
West Point (Region 4 1st) at Kosciusko (Region 4 4th)
Laurel (Region 5 1st) at West Jones (Region 5 4th)
Picayune (Region 8 1st) at Moss Point (Region 7 1st)

MHSAA Class 3A

6-2. I missed Corinth and Tylertown's wins.

Louisville (Region 2 1st) at Ripley (Region 1 1st)
Aberdeen (Region 2 3rd) at Corinth (Region 1 3rd)
Franklin County (Region 7 3rd) at Newton County (Region 5 1st)
Tylertown (Region 7 4th) at Raleigh (Region 5 2nd)

MHSAA Class 2A

5-3. I missed the wins by Simmons, South Delta, and Philadelphia.

Hollandale Simmons (Region 4 2nd) at Baldwyn (Region 1 1st)
South Delta (Region 4 1st) at West Bolivar (Region 3 1st)
Philadelphia (Region 5 1st) at Enterprise Clarke (Region 7 3rd)
Taylorsville (Region 7 1st) at North Forrest (Region 8 1st)

MHSAA Class 1A

6-2. Missed wins by Mound Bayou and Greenville St. Joseph.

Mound Bayou JFK (Region 2 2nd) at East Webster (Region 1 1st)
Ray Brooks (Region 2 1st) at Greenville St. Joseph (Region 2 3rd)
Mt. Olive (Region 4 2nd) at Weir (Region 3 1st)
Durant (Region 3 2nd) at Puckett (Region 4 1st)

MPSA Class AAA Division I

1-0. Prep came bacl to win the title.

MPSA Class AAA Division II

0-1. Washington was an upset pick of mine to win, and well, the Generals lost.



Winston (Wild card 1st) at Marshall (District 1 1st)
Centreville (District 5 1st) at Trinity Episcopal (District 3 1st)

MPSA Class A

3-1, and my one miss was my preseason pick to win MPSA Class A, Central Hinds.

Bayou (District 2 2nd) at Briarfield (District 2 1st)
Huntington (District 6 2nd) at Glenbrook (District 6 1st)


At 22 November, 2007 20:15, Anonymous Harry said...

Actually, Madison Central wasn't uneven. After an 0-4 start (by a team whose starters were predominantly juniors and sophomores), the Jags had gone 6-1 in district play, only losing to Provine on a last-second play. Two very-badly timed fumbles (are there ever any other sort?) led to the loss to Starkville, and I'm convinced they'd have won if they could have converted that late 4th down. Watch out for MC next year - their sophomore quarterback made amazing strides this year.

At 22 November, 2007 23:15, Blogger The Library Guy said...

I only meant uneven in the sense that they'd not started well. I wouldn't have picked Madison Central to go past the second round anyway.


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