20 November 2007

Slightly More Boring Tuesday

It's been a quiet day. I've not seen anyone I know.

I didn't meet up with my friend LP. Apparently her plans didn't change. I called my friend K again, but there was no answer and perhaps understandably so.

I didn't call anyone else. I loath being a pest, which means I try not to bother people.

I'm getting a bit stir crazy. Well, I know I can go places, but what good is that when I don't see any friends?

Pathetic, I know, but fortunately not entirely. There is some good news.

My pla C called this evening. We talked for a little while. I'll be heading up to Starkville for the Egg Bowl.

I've got to run by my place. My MSU shirts are in Clinton, and I also need to get the mail-- among other things.

One thing I need to do tomorrow morning is to call the MSU ticket office. I need to order a couple tickets for the game.


At 21 November, 2007 15:44, Blogger John Leek said...

Well, if I were in Hattiesburg I'd say let's do coffee, but unfortunately you trip corresponds with me being elsewhere.

At 21 November, 2007 20:23, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Yeah, I pretty much had figured that there wasn't going to be much of a possibility of meeting what with the short week of school at USM-- otherwise, I'd have sent an email.


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