29 March 2007

RIP Lloyd Brown

USA Today reports Lloyd Brown, the last US Navy veteran of World War I, died earlier today. He was 105.

Here's a 2005 Washington Post article about Brown.

There are now 34 living veterans of World War I. Four live in the United States.

28 March 2007

Wednesday Notes

No. Not this Wednesday.

I mean today.

It's been awhile since I've posted something of substance. My life has been busy.

A co-worker is away on maternity leave. She gave birth to a baby girl last week.

I've also been busy with other things.

I went by Lemuria yesterday afternoon after work looking for this book-- TD's book club choice. There weren't any softcover editions, so I ordered one. I'll pick it up Monday.

I next went to Cups. I relaxed. I checked my email.

The Mississippi Private School Association released the 2007 football schedules last week. My old high school, Heidelberg Academy, is one of three MPSA schools scheduled to play MHSAA schools. It looks like the Rebels are hosting Stringer on September 14.

Mississippi State lost to West Virginia on a last-second shot in the NIT Semifinals last night. I suppose that means there's no Nitchampvegas.

I went over to Fenian's for a little while. I ordered the soup and tuna salad.

In the meantime, Scott Albert Johnson called. I had previously expressed interest in doing an advance purchase of his album. He came by and sold me the CD. We talked for a little while.

I listened to the CD this morning. I like. I'll probably see him perform in Laurel on Friday. I'm heading down to Hattiesburg this weekend and planning on visiting some friends that evening since I'll be busy Saturday and Sunday at this event.

Before I came to work this morning, I burned another 300 calories on the exercise bike. I weighed 221 pounds. I'd say I'm doing well. I know people have noticed, and that's good.

I did break my diet somewhat this evening. I consumed more carbs than I would have normally thanks to my being at an Anime Club meeting. I'll be burning 300 more calories tomorrow morning.

27 March 2007

Poisonous Monster Toads

I've got a healthy appreciation for the bizarre, and there's just something about poisonous monster toads, but this is one freakin' huge amphibian.

In other news, I weighed myself this morning, and now I weigh 222 pounds. I've lost 20 pounds since I began the diet and exercise regime. Five more pounds and I'll lost 10 percent of my starting weight.

21 March 2007

Musical Inclinations

Three of my favorite musical acts are performing in the area the next few weeks. Nickel Creek will be in Clinton next month. Alison Krauss will be at Jackson in June. The North Mississippi Allstars will be in Hattiesburg in a week and a half; however, my mother's already drafted me to help her out with a separate event in Hattiesburg.

19 March 2007


I came back to work today. I had last worked out before my vacation on the March 8. I weighed 229 pounds. For the next week, I don't exercise. I eat as I've been for the past couple months. I weighed myself Saturday morning, and I lost five pounds, so I've lost 18 pounds since I began my regime of diet and exercise.

I participated in and later watched the parade Saturday. It was loads of fun. Here's a photo taken of me immediately after the parade. Yes, I've grown a beard.

I indulged myself quite a bit Saturday. I break my diet and exercise rules every few days, but I didn't expect to not need to eat or drink yesterday. I thought I would have been thirsty, but I wasn't and that surprised me. I'll be working out again tomorrow morning-- only the second time I've worked out since March 8.1

1I burned 150 calories on the stationary bike Saturday morning at the gym before I went to the parade.

15 March 2007

The Ides of March Are Upon You

This week has been relatively peaceful. I had the dental appointment Monday. Since then, I've been taking medicine and sleeping for the most part. When I haven't been sleeping, I've been working on a project.

I'll be leaving Hattiesburg tomorrow morning. I've got a couple errands to take care of tomorrow afternoon in Clinton and Jackson. I've also got to get in touch with K regarding me walking with them at the parade on Saturday.

I plan on walking the parade and then finding friends and do some parade and people watching.

I've not done any exercising, but I've been doing pretty good as far as eating is concerned. I'm not overeating, and if my mother's scale is to be believed, I may have lost a couple of pounds.

13 March 2007

Singing and Thinking under the Influence

Lilburn, Georgia has banned karaoke and trivia contests at drinking establishments.

12 March 2007

Rest and Relaxation

I've been in Hattiesburg since Friday. I took it easy Saturday and Sunday-- watching basketball games for the most part.

Today, I had a dental appointment that took up most of my day. I made it back to the house about an hour and a half ago, I needed to stop by the pharmacy to pick up some medicine.

I had lunch with my friend K. We spoke about various things. She'll be at the parade Saturday. She's invited me to accompany her Queens group as one of their equivalents to the Spud Studs, and I believe I will.

09 March 2007

3000 -- 229 -- 5 -- 8


A few days ago in one of my yahoo groups, a friend asked how many calories it took to burn a pound of fat. Another friend answered 3,600.

I don't know if that's right or not, but I've burned 3,000 calories this week. I burned 600 Wednesday evening, 300 yesterday morning, and another 300 this morning-- all on the stationary bike.


And after I exercised this morning, I weighed myself and I weigh 229 pounds, which means I've lost 13 pounds since I've begun my regimen of diet and exercise. The fact that I've lost two pounds this week is really good. If it wasn't for the two birthday parties last week, I think I would have been down to about 227.


Next week is Spring Break at the college. I'm taking the week off-- five days off. One day will be spent at the dentist's office. Another day will be spent watching my mother's shop. Otherwise, I intend to relax. I won't be burning 3,000 calories next week! Maybe I can burn away 1,500 though.


Eight days until Mal's St. Paddy's Day Parade-- only one of the coolest, if not the coolest day of the year in Jackson. One of my friends is coming in from out of town. She's a member of a Queens group that won best costumes last year.

08 March 2007

Driving to Work This Morning...

I saw some inmates from the penal farm picking up trash along the sides of the road. Frank Melton was not one of them.

07 March 2007

What's Happening Brother?

I've been fairly busy the past few days. Work, travel, exercise, and sleep are the main culprits.

I've got a couple of different projects going on at the library. There's another project I need to work on, but haven't been able to devote enough time to it lately. Perhaps I can do so in the next few days.

This past weekend, I did a little road trip. I went to Hattiesburg Friday to visit my mother. The next day, I drove to Starkville to visit my pla C and to take in the MSU-Alabama basketball game. I had fun, which is good.

I've continued to exercise. I've lost maybe a pound since I had last reported that I had lost eleven pounds. Considering I've attended a couple of co-workers' birthday parties, I'm happy not to have gained weight.

This week, I've been making sure to exercise. So far this week, I've burned some 1800 calories-- 300 Monday, 1200 yesterday1, and another 300 this morning.

I'm a bit tired. I didn't sleep much this past weekend. Perhaps I can get some sleep this weekend.

I'll be off work next week. I decided I needed as much rest and relaxation as possible since one of my co-workers will be taking maternity leave pretty soon.

I'll be heading down to Hattiesburg this weekend again to visit my mother. I also have a dental appointment on Monday. I'll be back for book club, relaxation, some exercise, and, of course, Mal's St. Paddy's Day Parade.
1When you're on the stationary bike while Chelsea-Porto is airing on the television in front of you, it's pretty easy to lose track of time.