19 March 2007


I came back to work today. I had last worked out before my vacation on the March 8. I weighed 229 pounds. For the next week, I don't exercise. I eat as I've been for the past couple months. I weighed myself Saturday morning, and I lost five pounds, so I've lost 18 pounds since I began my regime of diet and exercise.

I participated in and later watched the parade Saturday. It was loads of fun. Here's a photo taken of me immediately after the parade. Yes, I've grown a beard.

I indulged myself quite a bit Saturday. I break my diet and exercise rules every few days, but I didn't expect to not need to eat or drink yesterday. I thought I would have been thirsty, but I wasn't and that surprised me. I'll be working out again tomorrow morning-- only the second time I've worked out since March 8.1

1I burned 150 calories on the stationary bike Saturday morning at the gym before I went to the parade.


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