24 February 2007

Bounty Hunters, Cary Hudson, etc.

Yesterday, I was reading the Clarion-Ledger website and noticed this story. The guy in question was a year behind me at Heidelberg Academy for a few years, but transferred some 25 years ago before I think what would have been his freshman year.

The last time I saw him was about five years ago at the Cock of the Walk at the reservoir. I was eating there with friends. I chatted with him for a couple of moments.

I'm currently in Canebrake. I'm visiting my mother for the weekend. I'm supposed to meet up with a friend in about a half hour or so. She's taking a GRE practice test. I suppose we'll go out, have some coffee, and if she's hungry, we might go out to eat.

Cary Hudson is performing at Pasta's in Laurel tonight. I may head up that way if the weather's not too bad and catch his performance. I used to live in Laurel and have many friends living there, but I've never been to Pasta's. I might just check it out.

Since I've begun my diet and exercise, I've lost about ten pounds. I've not had a regular cola or sweetened iced tea in over a month. I will admit to having had two to three lattes.

I've been drinking diet colas-- either Diet Coke or Diet Dr Pepper-- and water for the most part. I have been known to imbibe in some beer, wine, or cider (Hornsby's usually) at times.

As far as exercise, I stick to what got me down ten pounds-- the stationary bike. I set it on Forest Ride, level 10 or 11 (and sometimes level 12), and bike for thirty minutes while watching one of the sports or news channels at the gym. It's a nice way to burn 300 calories. Sometimes, if I feel like I'm up to it and have enough water, I'll bike for another 30 minutes and burn off 300 more calories.

Thursday, I burned 900 calories on the bike-- 300 in the morning, 600 at night. I believe I burned off around 2,400 calories total this past week-- along with the 900 on Thursday, 300 on Sunday, 600 Tuesday, 300 Wednesday, and another 300 Friday. I'll head back to the gym probably on Tuesday.

Other than that, there's not much else. Mississippi State just lost at Georgia, so now the Bulldogs are back at .500 in conference play.

I may be heading up to Starkvegas next weekend. I've not seen my pla C in some time. We might catch a bit of the Alabama-MSU basketball game, play some 2007 EA Sports Football, and shoot the breeze.


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