17 February 2007

Hidden Persuasion

I'm listening to some Sinatra on iTunes. I've been keeping up with my exercises. It helps some that the gym I go to is between my house and where I work.

Sometimes I get up around 5:30 in the morning and exercise before I go to work. Sometimes I just exercise after work. Sometimes I do both-- especially since Pezgirl's schedule is such that she would rather dance her dances in the evenings.

I'm still riding the stationary bike and lifting some light weights trying to keep myself from overdoing it. I've become less and less of a night owl in the past couple of weeks.

Oh, and work? It's going well. I've been trying to work on some projects, but what with people being out because of conferences, illnesses, family matters, and other reasons, it becomes frustrating that I can't devote as much time to the projects as I would like.

Yesterday after work, I exercised for a little while with Pezgirl. Afterwards, I went to Fenian's to get a bite to eat and perhaps have a Gunness or two. I socialized some with people I know, but not all that much since I was a bit tired from doing forty minutes on the bike and lifting some weights. But it was a good tired, you know.

I left Fenian's at 10 p.m. I went over to Barnes & Noble and purchased a couple books that looked interesting and had a frappuccino. I then drove over to Commerce Street. I was at Hal & Mal's and Don's for a while. Goodman County and Tuff Luvs were performing at Don's. I saw friends-- including one from the college I didn't expect to see. I stayed for a while, but bailed a little while later. I was just too tired.

I considered going into Martin's, but needed sleep more. I must be getting old.

I think I'm going to get some lunch then call up Pezgirl about exercising this afternoon. She had asked me if I were planning on being here in the Jackson area all weekend long. Well, it looks like that I will be.


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