04 November 2008

Election Day

I voted this morning. I arrived at my precinct at 7:15 this morning and waited some 20 minutes before casting my ballot.

I voted for:

President: Barack Obama
No surprise. I've been a fan for several months. I like John McCain, but thought his selection of Sarah Palin was ill-advised.

Senator: Thad Cochran

Again, no surprise. I've been a fan for many years. His opponent, Erik Fleming, was my former state representative and is a likable guy; however, I make it a point not to vote for people who've openly supported Lyndon LaRouche.

Senator: Ronnie Musgrove

I'm not a fan of the former governor, and had said for weeks that I was likely voting for Roger Wicker; however, Wicker failed to close the deal as far as I'm concerned. Wicker never convinced me he was the best choice.

I would have liked to know why Wicker is good and voter-friendly, and he didn't demonstrate to me that he was. When Wicker's incessant negative ads turned me off, I was forced to go to Musgrove. I don't like Musgrove, but at least I know what I get.

Congressman: Bennie Thompson

A courtesy vote for the incumbent since I didn't see any Republican advertising for his opponent.

Supreme Court Justice: Jim Smith

Perhaps he's a bit too conservative for my taste, but I wasn't too impressed with his opponents.


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