15 August 2008

The Mark of the Beast

It's blog entry #666. I wanted to write about something special, but nothing out of the ordinary's come up.

It's been a busy week. Faculty convocation. Registration. Preparing for the fall semester.

There's a part of me who wishes I was still on vacation. There's also a part of me who's glad the semester is about to start.

Here's something I thought was pretty interesting. I saw this on EDSBS-- a youtube video of the Soviet Union anthem. Nice use of propaganda posters:

I was reading Neil Gaiman's journal feed and noticed that Pauline Baynes died. Baynes illustrated a lot of J.R.R. Tolkien's work. Here's a link to a map of his world she made. I also read that Michael Chabon's Yiddish Policemen's Union won the Hugo for Best Science Fiction Novel. I need to read it sometime.

I'm thinking about going to see Blue Mountain perform tonight. I'll get a chance to have a little fun before I head down to Hattiesburg to visit my mother and stepfather.

Maybe I can get some sleep. I've been staying up late watching the Olympics.

I also need to remember to bring something to wear to a funeral home. A family friend died recently. I can't make the service on Monday what with it being the first day of school-- and I scheduled a dental appointment for that morning.


At 25 August, 2008 10:52, Anonymous Harry said...

You gotta admit, though, the Soviet anthem is great music

At 25 August, 2008 11:49, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Oh yeah. Surely there's a country on this planet that could borrow this song like so many countries have used Great Britain's?

We also need more badguy "Soviet" pro wrestlers. There were at least a couple of them that sang the anthem before their matches as part of their schtick.


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