28 July 2008

Monday Evening Meanderings

It's a Monday evening, and not much is going on at the moment. I've not done too much the past few days.

TD finally announced the demise of the book club. People moved. Other things were going on, and well, it's understandable that the PBCS is gone. Mayhaps we'll have a last toast to the club sometime.

Also, the old pub quiz team got together again Saturday night. We came in second place, and we're good with that. The team that won (two of whom incidentally being former classmates of mine at MSU) knew who this person was, so they definitely know their trivia.

I went to Hattiesburg yesterday to visit my mother and stepfather and drove back today before starting work. The next three days shouldn't be too bad; final exams should end tomorrow.

I've still not seen The Dark Knight. I think I'll see it either tomorrow or Wednesday since I'll be doing some errands Thursday, and I'm starting my vacation Friday.


At 29 July, 2008 00:31, Blogger Andy said...

Go see The Dark Knight. Now. Go!

Joker rules the world.

At 29 July, 2008 10:20, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Heh. I already said I will.


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