09 July 2008

Wednesday Evening Ponderings

I got off work a couple hours ago. I worked on one project, and I think I'm almost finished with it.

Tomorrow I work in earnest on the other major project. It shouldn't take too much time I hope. I've already conducted a lot of research. Decisions just need to be made what approaches to take.

I heard yesterday that one of my stepfather's Tibetan Terriers died. Unfortunately, it was expected. She had cancer, and the treatment didn't work.

Today I had lunch with one of my cousins from my hometown. He had an appointment at the V.A. center, and since it's the summer, I could get away a little bit easier than I could have normally.

And as hectic as things have been, it was good for me to get away. We chowed down on some good food at La Cazuela. He's not all that familiar with the Jackson, so ease of finding the location was definitely something to consider.

We chatted for awhile. I've not seen him in several months-- it might even be more than a year. It was good to visit with him.

I've been pondering a place where I could relax-- basically get away from things for a week. I've considered going to baseball games whether they're at Fenway, Yankee Stadium, Busch, or Wrigley. All have a certain appeal since I've not attended a game at any of the stadiums-- Yankee Stadium especially since this year is its last year.

I've considered Lollapalooza. There are even some bands I like that are performing, and I could combine it with some games at Wrigley.

I've even considered Chautauqua for the sake of doing something different. If I want to recharge my batteries that looks to be an interesting option, but the remaining weeks cover topics that either don't really hold my interest or are after the fall semester begins at the college.


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