09 June 2008

A Monday Afternoon in June

At least it looks like it's an afternoon, but it's just after 6 p.m. I ran some errands today before going to work.

I'll have a workplace birthday party tomorrow morning. It should be fun. I need to remember though to take some ibuprofen that morning since really loud noises in smaller rooms give me headaches.

I had a fun weekend. Pezgirl and I went to the Pizza Shack Friday evening. We broke bread with several friends of mine.

I had fun. She had fun.

She paid for the pizza and the beer. Next time, it'll be my turn to pick up the tab.

While Pezgirl and I work together and get along very well, we tend not to socialize after work. We have somewhat different interests, and she isn't as interested in the bar scene as I am.1

That being said, she's become generally disappointed of late with some of the people that she's previously been acquainted with and expressed an interest in going out as friends only because she knows I don't associate with the people in question. Pezgirl also mentioned that she'd like to meet some of my friends, which she did-- some of them for the first time Friday night.

She had fun, and that's good. When I mentioned Puggy's profession, she mentioned that she wished she had talked to him some since she has an anthropology degree.

I didn't do much Saturday. I worked on a project and then went out to Ridgeland and then Jackson.

I met friends at Martin's, but was pretty tired. I didn't get much sleep and needed to get back to the house, and apparently I did need the sleep since I snoozed for about 13 hours. Sunday was a lazy day.

And now, I've got to get a project ready. I also need to finish up work on a presentation I'm giving.

This summer looks to be fairly hectic for me. I'm glad I've had some time away from work in the meantime.

1And it isn't that I'm really interested in the Jackson bar scene. It's just that a lot of the friends I've made in Jackson I've met at bars, and I like to be with my friends.


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