04 June 2008

Back at Work

I'm at the library. I arrived earlier this afternoon.

My mother and I made it to Hattiesburg late Sunday night, and I pretty much slept for what seems to be most of Monday. I ran some errands Tuesday.

I'm tired of travel now. I had thought about attending Blues Bash, but I decided against it. I'd rather not rush. I want to relax.

Or at least try to relax. I've got more than a few things going on in June. I've got to get ready for some things that are due this month.

And tomorrow is my birthday. Since I don't like to work on my birthday, I'm not.


I previously mentioned that I had a nice conversation with my sister's father-in-law this past weekend. I've not seen him in a few years. I think it was either Christmas 2000 or perhaps early 2002-- back when his wife was still living.

He asked me why I've not gotten married, and I told him it's because I don't attend church. He mentioned the need to become more involved in things, and that's something he's had to do since his wife died. He used the example of ballroom dancing, which is something he and his wife both enjoyed.

I mentioned that I understood the need to be involved, and I do get involved in my own way. After he talked about serving in the military and mentioning that the only way he could meet women was to go to activities that were in some way church related, I told him that I consider myself unwelcome in church.

And so, I don't attend church. But I do other things.


Friday evening, Pezgirl and I are going out to eat. We've not broken bread in quite a while. She's been busy, and so have I. We both have had different projects happening.

And maybe after dinner, we'll go someplace. Maybe Martin's. Maybe Hal & Mal's.

Who knows? I'll probably call or text someone to see if there's anything going on or if people are going to meet up Friday night. It'll be nice to be with friends. I've not been with them since this night.


Here are some additions to my websites of interest, many of which are several months overdue.

Patrick Magee is the local Gannett writer who covers USM sports. I don't know whether to call him a Clarion-Ledger writer or a Hattiesburg American writer. Either way, he's a Gannettoid.

As previously mentioned, I went to school with this blogger. Consequently, I've gotten interested in reading The Hill's Pundits Blog. Fascinating stuff.

I've also been paying more attention to Bulldawg Junction, a MSU sports site. I'm acquainted with one of the contributors. I believe Michael Wardlaw and company have been doing very good work, and as such are deserving of at least some recognition.


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