18 May 2008

Good Weekend

In the past few days some friends who live out of town returned to Jackson to visit family and friends. Coppertop's already headed back to Texas, and is probably home. However, FP and OJ who came from Colorado and New York, respectively, are still here.

It was fantastic seeing Coppertop. I've not seen her since she got married last year.

I've not seen FP since winter break. I've not seen OJ in over a month.

I love being with friends, and since I've been pretty close to leading the monastic life this past school year-- not seeing friends as often as I would hope-- being able to visit with them recharges my batteries even though I'm the most introverted person of the group.

My main task at the library this coming week is for me to continue work on organizing my office. I think I'm going to remove a couple of tables-- try to open it up as much as possible-- even if it is a very small room.

I've also got to find another audiobook to download. I finished The Sportswriter Friday.

I need to organize my conference proposal when I get a chance. It'll be nice to see colleagues from other libraries at the conference. I don't know if I'll get much of a chance to have some fun since I'm a presenter.

Another cool thing about the conference: my stay at a motel means that I'll earn enough points to get a free roundtrip flight anywhere in the continental United States. Hopefully American Airlines won't be changing the rules this summer now that I'll have 25,000 miles.


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