28 April 2008

Monday Night

I'm at the library for about another hour. It's been a pretty busy day.

I've not had much of a chance to clean the office. Other things have occurred. As far as I know, my office computer hasn't spouted 1,000 calculators.1

My day has been a day of scheduling and rescheduling. What with it being near the end of the semester, colleagues want to go places as soon as the semester ends.

One person has already arranged for coverage while she's off on a trip. I have as well-- not only for someone to cover for me because I might be away for jury duty, but also for another trip three weeks later.

And now I'd better get back to work. I've got to begin closing procedures soon.

1The computer is still on though, and I've not seen it in a little over three hours, so there very well could be well over 1,000 calculators that have popped up at random.


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