27 April 2008

Sunday Afternoon Rain

I'm at Cups in Clinton, drinking a latte and relaxing. It's been a lazy day.

I slept in again. Sleep is wonderful.

I didn't do much at the house. What with it raining off and on today, I didn't feel like doing too much.

It's good to get out and do something-- even if it is to drink a latte and socialize with fellow customers at Cups.

Having been drained for a goodly portion of the past couple weeks, I needed to be out with people. I had thought that I was going to be in Hattiesburg today, but the tasks that I was going to work on with my stepfather were things that were to be done outdoors. Since rain was expected, my mother told me that I didn't have to head down to Hattiesburg, and so I didn't.

Being drained tends to make me stir crazy. There are things I want to do. People I'd like to visit with. Places I want to go. I was so drained and so adverse to travel that I had not been in the city of Jackson for a week. I live less than a mile from the capital city's corporate limits.

And so the other night, I called a few friends. None answered immediately. I did get a text message response from TD, and FP called back later. We chatted for awhile. It was great to hear from her.

I was with friends at Martin's Friday night. It was good to see them; good to socialize with them.

There was a bachelorette party at a nearby table. They were playing a game to earn points for the night.

I helped the bride-to-be earn 100 points by giving her a piggyback ride. They promised to email me photos.

I've got to be back at work tomorrow afternoon. Maybe I can get some things accomplished.

For one thing, I'll be troubleshooting the previously mentioned calculator issue some more. And maybe, just maybe, I can work on getting my office in a decent condition before I have to show up at the courthouse for jury duty.


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