18 April 2008

Friday Morning

I'm tired. Being sick during the week took a bit out of me. Working last night also sapped some more energy.

I brought doughnuts to the library. I don't know if I needed to eat them. Considering that I'm not really in the mood to drink coffee yet, I wanted to be awake somehow. I figured the sugar rush would help.

I called my aunt this morning. She's one of my family members who lives some fifty miles from the epicenter of the earthquake that struck this morning. She reported that they're doing well, and that's very good.

The earthquake lasted about thirty seconds. The pictures that are hanging on the wall are crooked, and their chimney had a chip fall off onto the roof.

I should be reading Madame Bovary. I've not been able to get into the book.

I've decided to cheat-- at least a little. I downloaded the audiobook version and am currently listening to it in my office. So far, I think The Road is better.


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