03 April 2008

Search Engine Answer Guy #8

Again, more search queries from actual people who've found their way to my blog.

1. winston 'the wolf' wolfe

He solves problems. I do too, just not the same ones.

2. moehringer delta librarian wise

J.R. Moehringer did write an excellent article about former Bolivar County librarian Ronnie Wise. I blogged about it a year and a half ago. Moehringer also wrote this memoir. It's a fantastic read.

3. makita cup chelsea napoli arsenal

And Atletico Madrid. I saw the Makita Cup preseason friendlies at Highbury back in 1994. It was a great experience amd the main reason why I'm still an Arsenal fan to this day.

4. foglesong msu.

Quite a few people have found my blog because of Doc's announcement that he's leaving. I am a bit surprised that a google search for that query brings up this blog entry as the number one result. I suppose I have to work to become the number one Vance Watson MSU result according to Google. Maybe if I type Vance Watson and MSU one more time that would help.

5. nanih waiya what language root

Okay. Now that's interesting, and that person who found my site due to that search query was in Guatemala.

6. general foglesong ole miss

Now that's just wrong.

7. earl faggert heidelberg

My former school headmaster and a good guy who's gotten some flak from new flag proponents because of his highly visible role in the referendum that maintained the current Mississippi state flag. He's considered a moderate when it comes to heritage issues.

This snippet from an article appearing in the October 2, 2005 Atlanta Constitution illustrates this:

Earl Faggert, of Heidelberg, Miss., a past SCV commander, said he is leaving the group after 35 years. He said he has been attacked by activists as elitist, but he said that charge is a screen to obscure his opponent's plans to funnel SCV money to groups opposed to the U.S. government.

"The neo-secessionists, anarcho-extremists, whatever you want to call them, they put the elitist label on anyone who disagrees with them," Faggert said. "If being a loyal American means being an elitist, then go ahead and label me one."


At 04 April, 2008 10:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

#4 search result using google blog search for "vance watson"

At 04 April, 2008 12:11, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Whoo hoo!

Vance Watson moving on up!


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