01 April 2008


All six of my regular blog readers may have noticed some changes. Barack Obama is now in the Soapbox section of the Sidebar.

I also decided to change the look of the blog. Who knows how long this cosmetic change will last?


At 02 April, 2008 07:38, Blogger B Squared said...

I like the new look, still not sure about the Obama support

At 02 April, 2008 07:45, Blogger Supermom said...

nice and clean look!

At 02 April, 2008 09:15, Blogger The Library Guy said...

I'm glad y'all like the new look. As far as Obama is concerned, I believe he's a better candidate than John McCain.

I'm impressed with Clinton. That being said, if the election was a choice between her and McCain, I'd very likely vote for him again.

At 02 April, 2008 23:31, Blogger Andy said...

How can you support someone that bowls a *37*?!?!?!

/saw The Daily Show clip Monday, chuckled
//saw TDS segment on the pundits waxing on and on about it Tuesday
///hung head in shame
////oh yeah, I give the new look a 'meh'
/////too many /'s

At 03 April, 2008 06:59, Blogger The Library Guy said...

A 37, eh? I didn't hear about that, but then I don't have cable TV. Since that this is an election year, not having cable might be a good thing.


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