06 March 2008


I'm wondering who to vote for in the elections. I've no idea who to vote for in the presidential primary-- my inner comic book geek loves the user-generated Obama advertisement in my previous entry.

I've also got to vote in a special election. It's going to be a bit of pain.

I vote here for municipal elections. I vote here for federal and state elections.

So who for president? And who for alderman? I don't know.


If I lived in the third district, I would be voting in the Republican primary for sure. What with Chip Pickering leaving Congress, I would of course be interested in voting in that contest.

I've been keeping up with the campaign for that seat. I can't help but pay attention since my family has been friends of the Pickerings for years.

I've met only one of the candidates, John Rounsaville, and then only once. So, I don't know him, but we have mutual friends and acquaintances. We chatted for several minutes at an event several months ago. He seems to be a good guy. I wish him well, and I wish I could vote for him. I think he'd do a good job.


I'm disappointed my Bulldogs lost to Vanderbilt last night. I wish they could have won. MSU was just on the wrong side of from all accounts was a classic game.

I'm planning on going to Starkville Saturday to see MSU play LSU in the final regular season game. It'll be Senior Day, and the 1963 conference championship team will be honored at halftime.


Work is, well, work. It's been hectic, but with people not being as sick as they were last month, it's not quite as crazy this month.

I'm thinking about taking a few days off during spring break. It depends somewhat on what I get accomplished as far as my office is concerned.

I've had my office computer for six years, and it's very slow. It's my turn in the rotation for a new computer, and I'm exercising the option.

Since it's a laptop, I'm getting rid of the computer desk. It'll go to storage1, and from there I'll get another file cabinet since I'll now have the space. Yes, I have a small office.2


I blogged about some interesting job openings earlier in the week. Since then, I've found two more of note.

The Navajo Nation is looking for a librarian. My one concern is what is there to do. I was out there as a tourist back in 1980. It looked pretty bare to me.

The American School of São Paulo wants a librarian. I wonder if I would get Carnaval off?


Jackson's Carnaval, the St. Paddy's Day Parade, is a week from Saturday. It's the most fun time of the year.

Last year I was a Spud Stud for a Queens group from my hometown. I don't think I'll be helping them out this year. I may just be watching this year. And having fun.

1Where computer desks go to die.

2But the office has windows.


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